The classic thriller makes a comeback as MazM: Jekyll and Hyde launches on Switch today

No where to Hyde

The game publisher CFK releases MazM: Jekyll and Hyde worldwide today (April 2) via Nintendo eShop.

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde is the second title of MazM series, turning Robert Louis Stevenson's novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into a game with a fresh and unique insight. This popular mystery adventure game is being released on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The game-version world of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the famous English novel that was published in 1886. Since then, it has inspired many authors and led to a number of genre-swapping adaptations for 130 years.

Hyde makes his first appearance.

Dr. Jekyll doesn't look well. Is the inheritance issue troubling him?

PROFILE ~ The Chaser and the Chased~

Gabrielle John Utterson

The lawyer living in London, strict on himself but generous on others.

He struggles to live an abstinent and dignified life.

Fortune-telling and superstitions are nothing more than wastes for him. What defines his character are rationality and morals.

This righteous man is troubled by his old friend, Dr. Jekyll. Almost all of his friend's property is about to be inherited to a John Doe.

Henry Jekyll

A noble scholar with M.D. and J.D., also the member of the Royal Society.

He inherited a great fortune and is an eminent philanthropist.

No one could deny that he had everything in his life. But deep inside, there was a vulgar and improper craving he dared not share with anyone.

As a result, Dr. Jekyll begins a secret experiment to create a drug that would solve his disturbing issue with duplicity.

Edward Hyde

A pale man with small physique.

His laugh is a dissonance of wrong strings played on the violin.

He is seen as strange and unpleasant by people, but no one can explain why.

Law, morality and conscience ─ these he never considers. He is only loyal to his desires, harming anyone in his way.

How did such a degenerate, notorious for having stepped on a child without hesitation, get a check signed by a famous figure?

Why does he have a key to the back wing of Dr. Jekyll's mansion?


Like any other adventure games, the player explores and searches for information in MazM: Jekyll and Hyde.

The player combs 5 areas of London for clues that can be obtained from NPCs and objects. What they find becomes the stepping stones to the next level.

When the player approaches key NPCs or objects, an "!" indicator will appear. This helps the player stay focused in the story.

SD-style characters prevent the game from being too serious.

Meet various NPCs in London's various places.

In addition, mini-games will appear during the adventure. The player participates in the investigation by clearing those small challenges.

In MazM: Jekyll and Hyde, the player can also free-roam the streets of London. Many elements await the player in addition to the story, including the interesting facts about the society of the 19C England.

Controlling the characters from the novel, the player reveals the truth little by little with clues he or she has gathered. This gameplay makes the player feel as if they are actually in the world of MazM: Jekyll and Hyde, immersing themselves in the unique and tension-heightening scenes and sounds.

The mystery adventure game MazM: Jekyll and Hyde is released today (Thursday, April 2) via Nintendo eShop. The price is $14.99, but you can get a 20% discount and purchase the game for $11.99 until April 15.


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