Dodge Roll explains where the idea for Exit the Gungeon came from

Exit stage left

Enter the Gungeon was a massive hit on Switch, and now the follow-up Exit the Gungeon is available as well. In an interview with Nintendo, Dodge Roll's David Crooks explains how the spin-off came to be.

Enter the Gungeon was born from silly ideas and goofy puns (we actually had the title before even having a game concept), and during that game’s development our team had always pondered the idea of how our heroes would leave the Gungeon once they found what they were looking for. We loved the idea that after all of what you went through in the game that the way out would be as simple as an elevator. After meeting Singlecore Games (our co-development partner on Exit the Gungeon) we merged some of the ideas in another game they had and found a way to continue this saga, complete the journey of the Gungeoneer’s escape, and still have a variation on the original’s gameplay that felt fresh enough to stand alone.

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