Infamous horror film Cannibal Holocaust getting an interactive graphic adventure follow-up on Switch

This is going to court controversy

On the fortieth anniversary of the release of the cult film "Cannibal Holocaust", director Ruggero Deodato announces the fourth, highly awaited chapter of his cannibals cycle, with great news: the new episode will not be a movie, but a videogame created in collaboration with Fantastico Studio. The themes are the ones that made the the saga popular: natives lives, told in its rawness, and cannibalism, powerful metaphors that reveal the most disturbing and deep impulses in our society.

However, the formula changes: Cannibal is an interactive horror graphic adventure made with Unity, with the direction and script of Ruggero Deodato, the original drawings of Solo Macello, in which the player will take control of different characters, to reveal, little by little, the background that led them to a desperate expedition to the virgin jungles of Borneo. And of course, get to discover the end of the story, destined to shake from the foundations every certainty acquired during the game. Cannibal will be available from November 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.

The original release of Cannibal Holocaust caused a huge amount of controversy, and even lead to director Ruggero Deodato being brought to court over murder charges. Deodato was proven innocent during the court case, as the actors involved in the film that were supposedly murdered during filming were all alive and well. That said, the movie also featured a number of animal slayings/cruelty, which lead to Deodato and others receiving suspended sentences.

Seeing this infamous movie get a sequel on Switch is pretty surprising. It does seem the game will use artwork instead of real-life pictures or any filmed segments, which will certainly help it steer clear of legal trouble. That said, there's no doubt the project will be gruesome and controversial.

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I love horror, I love disturbing imagery and artists that cause controversy and push the limits.

But as soon as real violence against living, feeling creatures for nothing more than fun and effects is involved, it's nothing but disgust I feel towards these people. Won't see a single cent from me, even if it's the best game ever.


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