SMG Studio expands on why it was so important to make Moving Out accessible to all types of players

Fun for everyone!

SMG Studio have gone all-in on inclusivity with their upcoming "physics-based moving simulator" Moving Out. The game includes a number of features and options to allow players of all skill types and abilities to have fun with the title. In an interview with GamesIndustry, SMG Studio CEO Ashley Ringrose goes into detail on why theyt ook this approach.

"The goal for us is to allow anyone, of any ability, to play and enjoy Moving Out. Importantly, this means nothing is locked out to players who enable Assist Mode -- even trophies and achievements. This doesn't mean we tuned the main game to be super challenging and hard. We tuned it for fun, but for some it might go from 'fun' to 'argh,' so we give them the Assist Mode to stay having a fun experience.

We have a lot of parents in the studio, and when you try and play a game with a five to seven year-old it's a completely different experience compared with an eight to ten year-old, or a young teen. The same goes for those who don't normally play games or have less ability, so by adding the Assist Mode we're opening up the game for everyone."

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The demo is a lot of fun. Multiplayer is a real must but single player was enjoyable.


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