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Gravilogic working on matte black Switchblades, need 1,050 preorders to warrant production

Totally off the rails
by rawmeatcowboy
09 April 2020
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Gravilogic's initial Kickstarter for their Switchblade rail covers/kickstands for Switch turned out to be a huge hit, getting fully funded on its first day. Now the team is back to fulfill a fan request for a new color Switchblade.

The company is working on "Project Black Bird," which is a set of Switchblades that are matte black in color. The team says they've had numerous requests for this color, so now they're asking fans to put their money where their mouths are. If Project Black Bird is going to be a success, the team needs 1,050 preorders to move into production. You can preorder a set for $35 here.

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