Extremely rare Game & Watch demo units up for auction

Talk about little-known Nintendo history!

I'm sure you all know about Nintendo's history with the Game & Watch series, but did you know that the brand existed before Nintendo tied up with it? It's true, and an example from those days is currently up for auction.

When Game & Watch first came onto the scene, it was built by the toy company Mego. In order to sell these units to retailers and more, Mego cooked up tabletop versions of their Game & Watch series in order to better demonstrate the gameplay to prospective buyers.

Somehow, one of those tabletop units has made its way to Heritage Auctions, the same outlet that sold the SNES Playstation. As of today, you have 16 days to put a bid on the item, and the price currently sits at $575. Not too bad for a major part of gaming history! Check out the auction page for more details here.

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Wait, so who created the Game & Watch brand and the first games for It (Ball," "Flagman," "Fire," and, of course, "Vermin"). I thought they were all created by Gunpei Yokoi's R&D 1.

Wed Apr 15 20 10:10am
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I definitely don't know where he got any of that info, because its definitely not right. Mego was the US producer for, I believe, only 4 Game&Watch games, and part of that production included large displays like this. Everything else Game&Watch related was solely a Nintendo and, as you say, Gunpei Yokoi creation. There is even an Iwata Asks about it. Even stranger, the link to the auction has correct info, so he didnt get wrong info from there either.

That's what I thought


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