Gamevice continues to go after Nintendo over Switch, petitions ITC to investigate patent infringement

The next chapter in the never-ending battle

Back in early March, GameVice lost its long legal battle with Nintendo over a patent dispute. GameVice felt that Nintendo infringed on a number of their patents in the Switch, but the Patent Trial and Appeal Board disagreed. That win for Nintendo was quickly followed by Gamevice filing a new patent-infringement complaint, and they were looking to halt the import of Switch into the states.

It seems Gamevice still isn't done though, as they're doubling down on their legal battles. Gamevice has now petitioned the US International Trade Commission to launch an investigation into the Switch over patent infringement. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the ITC has decided to move forward with an evidentiary hearing. Gamevice’s filing requests that the ITC issues a limited exclusion order and a cease and desist order against the Switch.

Seeing the ITC move ahead on this matter could spell some trouble ahead for Nintendo. The fact that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board cleared Nintendo was seen as the final nail in the coffin for Gamevice by man, but the ITC clearly thinks there's something to explore at least.

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Fri May 01 20 05:40pm
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When will these patent trolls learn?

When we burn down their bridges.

Well, to be fair, GameVice does seem to have a strong case, and shouldn't just be reduced to "patent trolling".

The Switch definitely looks "inspired" by GameVice's 2013 device. That parallel can be made, but the case comes down to the fickle and technical world of "patents."


everytime Nintendo release a new console that have a unique idea, there always companies that want to take advantage of Nintendo sucess.


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