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Last week's massive Nintendo leak doesn't appear to be as bad as first thought

Just a couple drips
by rawmeatcowboy
07 May 2020
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A bit of good news about the recent leak of the Wii's source code has been shared. Those who are familiar with the situation have taken a deep dive into what was leaked, and it now appears that things aren't as damaging as first thought.

A member of a Wii hacking group has spoken out on the leak, and they've said that not much new information was gleaned. You can check out their full statement below.

“Most of the docs at this point are confirming things we already knew, or providing interesting technical tidbits, which are fun, but of no practical consequence[.] They contain documentation, source code for some parts of the system software (just a small portion), architecture diagrams and engineering docs like that. I’m sure someone is going to learn something interesting from this, maybe even fix some emulator bugs, but it’s all going to be very, very minor at this stage in the game[.]”

Just to be 100% clear, the leak happening at all is a horrible situation, and Nintendo is no doubt extremely upset about it. That said, at least the size of the leak and information learned from it appears to be minimal at best.

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