SEGA has "exciting news" about Sonic's 30th anniversary that they "can't wait to share"

30 years of Sonic

Believe it or not, Sonic is going to be celebrating his 30th anniversary next year. You can bet SEGA has some special things in the work for the Blue Blur's big birthday, but we'll have to wait to hear details. In an interview with GamingTrend, SEGA Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich said that SEGA will "have some exciting news" that they can't wait to share. While SEGA can't wait to share it, fans will unfortunately have to wait an undisclosed amount of time to find out what the plans are.

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Wait, SEGA's Chief Brand Officer's name is Ivo? The same first name as Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik? Next thing you'll tell me is the President of Nintendo of America's name is Bowser!

Oh and happy birthday Sonic, hope the news is a 3D game that's at least sorta decent.

Sat May 09 20 03:38pm
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I'm always excited for what's next with Sonic, but EVERY PR guy says "we have exciting stuff planned" when asked about the future of their franchise.

Wasn't there supposed to be some big Sonic news back in March? Sonic is one of those games I know are gonna be bad but still get some slight enjoyment out of them.

Im the same way and yes we were suppose to get Sonic news during SXSW but obviously due to Covid it got cancelled. SEGA later tweeted that they would reschedule the Sonic panel for later that month as a digital thing and then the Sonic twitter posted that due to Covid getting worse that they wouldn't know when they would be able to reveal their plans.

30 years?! I'm old as shit

Sat May 09 20 04:07pm
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Sonic Heroes Remastered please.

I played the demo on the GameCube more times than I can count! Never played the full game though. So I'd like that very much Smile

They are going release Sonic 2 with a line

Sonic Mania 2 or something similar please. THIS is something I could get really hyped for.
Anything else, I don’t care.

Yeah, Sonic Mania 2 is about the only thing I want out of this series. The rest of it is... well, I'll be polite today and say "not for me."

Going by the Sonic Cycle a movie adaption of Sonic 06 or a game adaption of Sonic the Movie

SEGA Dreamcast 2 confirmed. Can also use the WiiU gamepad Smile

You have wonderful dreams. Do it SEGA, do what Nintendon't.

Would be fun to see Ninty and Segs make a console together Smile

Play one sonic game, you play em all. Sonic is a one trick pony. With that being said, im looking forward to see what the next sonic game will be like.

Sat May 09 20 10:26pm
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Forget the haters and naysayers that say the games are never good; they're completely enjoyable, and I say bring the new games on.

Another crappy Sonic game then? whopdee doo.

Anyone else get a sense of deja vu when they read this? Cause I have a weird feeling I read this exact story 5 years ago...

To be fair though, the one 10 years ago resulted in something that was actually quite nice (Sonic Generations).

Well, I suppose 1 out of 3 ain't bad. It's not like the other two are a couple of the worst games ever made or anything, and the one good game was literally stitched together from the past good games. Yep... nothing to worry about at all.

What are the other two? Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania? Or do you mean Sonic Lost World rather than Sonic Mania?

Ah right, you probably haven't played the non-Nintendo ones! Don't worry, I'd forget about 2006 if I were a Sonic fan too.

Sun May 10 20 11:33pm
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Nothing short of maybe a Sonic Mania 2 will pique my interest in this long maligned blue blur... I thought the recent movie was decent enough, but I cannot trust Sonic Team to do anything anymore. The devs are far too fractionated now and Iizuka is slowly but surely slipping into some kind of dementia as time goes by.

If anything, I'd like to at least see Aaron Webber crying in a corner covered in blue confetti and plastic gold rings after drinking too much alcohol. In an attempt to dilute the existential pain of trying to keep this brittle, weathered brand from collapsing under the sheer weight of its accumulated negative rep and self-inflicted post-irony.


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