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Colors Live developer says a physical release could happen

Not out of the question
by rawmeatcowboy
13 May 2020
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A Kickstarter for Colors Live launched earlier today, which is a spirit successor to Colors! 3D for the Switch. The Kickstarter includes funding for a pressure-sensitive pen that can be used with the software, which would certainly make the drawing experience that much more enjoyable.

Numerous people saw the Kickstarter and thought that a physical bundle for Colors Live would make a lot of sense. A package with both a physical copy of the game and the pressure-sensitive pen seems like a match made in heaven, but could it happen? In an interview with Nintendo-Online, developer Jens Andersson discussed the idea.

We would love to do a physical release. Right now, we are focusing on the Kickstarter to make it possible for us to start producing the Colors SonarPen and releasing Colors Live on the Nintendo Switch eShop. But if the Kickstarter campaign does well it is possible that we could make a bundled physical release.