U.S. customs snag over 86k counterfeit Pokemon figurines valued at over $600k

Heading to the Pokey

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers recently busted a bit counterfeit Pokemon toy shipment that made its way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The figurines came from Hong Kong and were being sent to a location in Snyder County, Pennsylvania.

Believe it or not, the shipment contained over 86,000 figurines, which were valued at $603,936. That's an incredible amount of counterfeit toys that you can bet Pokemon Co. and Nintendo are happy to have off the market. U.S. customs also made a point to mention that these items represented a choking hazard, and are often found to contain lead-based paints, so there were safety reasons for yanking the toys as well.

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Tue May 19 20 08:20pm
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Oh man, the quality of the toys are so bad, but then again parents would get fooled by them since they'd be so cheap and "just as good" as the real thing.

No, dollar store knock offs are not as good as the real thing.
Won't anyone think of the children?

What's even more baffling is that if these numbers are correct, that works out to about $7 per figure, so they wouldn't even be going to dollar stores. :S

Pikachu and Ho-Oh are surprisingly close to what they should look like.
For the rest, may they rest in peace after they are burned.

Tue May 19 20 09:20pm
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Every video game store that used to be near me would have bins of these things sitting on the counter. I dont understand why or who was buying them.

Don't know who would pay 600k for that crap!

Probably that one guy running a discount toy store in Snyder County who paid in advance. He's just waiting on that $550K Digimon toy shipment from Singapore now.

Funny thing is that I think I have some of these, or something VERY similar. A few years ago, I ordered a pokemon figure set for a friend for Christmas, but was sent these (the pictures used on ebay were of official figures).

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