LEGO Super Mario 'Power-Up Packs' announced, available August 1st

Mario suits for every occasion!

LEGO Mario now gets four Power-Up Packs that unlock entirely new ways to play with your levels! His wardrobe now contains the Fire Mario suit, the Propeller Mario suit, Cat Mario suit and the Builder Mario suit. All Power-Up Packs are available from 1st August 2020.

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Wed May 20 20 12:49pm
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Why Propeller and Builder Mario instead of Hammer and Tanooki Mario?!?

Propeller and builder are more modern creations that the younger generation(s) would recognize more being from New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Maker.

Thu May 21 20 01:23pm
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Considering that SMM2 already has those powerups, I don't think its a good idea to ignore the classic powerups in favor of the newer ones since the younger generation would most likely be aware of these powerups. I mean at this point, fans already know the powerups and the games are already easily accessible(except a few of them of course).

Besides, they both suck. Builder Mario is essentially Wrecking Mario while Propeller is worse than Raccoon and Cape Mario.

It's possible they would have been more difficult to pull off in Lego form as well. Them being easily accessible doesn't mean necessarily they are the best choice. The have base Mario and the Fire Flower, and then very popular alternates with Propeller, Cat, and Builder. Wrecking Mario hasn't been around for AGES. It only makes sense to include Builder Mario. I trust that Nintendo and Lego worked together to determine the cross-section of popular, able to be done well in Lego form, etc.

I'll disagree on them sucking. I enjoy them personally.


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