PETA heads to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to protest Blathers and his museum


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PETA is known to jump on the hottest trends in order to promote their efforts, and they've already swooped in on Animal Crossing: New Horizons once. Now they're back again to protest Blathers and his museum. PETA is unhappy with Blathers keeping various sea life in his museum, which is why they put together the protest video above.


It's hard to take PETA seriously when so amny of their members are a bunch of attention seeking IDIOTS!!!

Even as a vegetarian and animal advocate, you're right. Stop bitching about fake fish in a video game and find something real to worry about. It's like for every one good thing they do they do five stupid or inane things.

Wed May 20 20 06:55pm
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Exactly. Animal Crossing a game. It looks like these gys just don't have the balls to go against ACTUAL animal cruelty, rather hide behind their computers and clickbair for attention. They are ruining the cause! Should get some nice bitch-slappin', the lot!

That's the thing. Their target is not animal cruelty. Otherwise, they would've allied with organizations to catch pet abusers, poachers, and such.

Rather, PETA's real cause is to separate all interaction between humans and other animals because they don't believe humans are inherently spreaders of misery to all animals. Instead of helping the SPCA catch pet abusers, for instance, they look for random pet owners and kill their pets, seeing it as a mercy kill.

Holy crap, Zombie. You just made them sound like a cult movement.

Thu May 21 20 04:10am
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Because they pretty much are. They're a bunch of lunatics and are responsible for more animal deaths than just about any other organization.

Oh? Can you get into more detail on that one? The "responsible for more animal.." part.

Sat May 23 20 08:45pm
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PETA owns a number of so-called "animal shelters" in which they take people's pets, then euthanize them regardless of their circumstances. On the surface, they look like legitimate animal shelters, but they're really using it as a way to obtain people's pets so they can kill them.

These PETA-owned facilities have a euthanization rate of 95% to 99%. They aren't interested in giving these animals more loving homes the way a real animal shelter does, and that's because they don't believe there is such a thing as a "loving home."

For the record, PETA used to be a legitimate organization dedicated to fighting pet abuse, poaching, and other forms of terrible things people do to animals. Sometime in the 90s or 00s, they got new leadership that corrupted the organization into what it is today. (You can tell PETA from other groups for their focus on shocking content, emotional attacks on people, and targeting popular culture, all of which are designed to draw attention to themselves, not help whatever causes they say they have.)

Sun May 24 20 03:26pm
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That looks more like the PETA of today that I know. They also seem to "hiring" kids to "spread the word".

PETA is not the only one that has changed though. Just look at Greenpeace.

"These PETA-owned facilities have a euthanization rate of 95% to 99%. They aren't interested in giving these animals more loving homes the way a real animal shelter does, and that's because they don't believe there is such a thing as a "loving home.""

Just shows what twisted bunch they are. Almost like a cult. And people think I'm the dick because I don't support them.

I mean if you're really prepared for the gruesome reality, check it out at your own risk.


Disgusting cultists, no better than scientology.

I can handle it...Not like it though, but thanks! Mor evidence I will not only not support this shit, but actually go against it!


You make it sound like they're a couple troll nerds on twitter.
"PETA’s first case—the precedent-setting 1981 Silver Spring monkeys case—resulted in the first arrest and criminal conviction of an animal experimenter in the U.S. on charges of cruelty to animals, the first confiscation of abused laboratory animals, and the first U.S. Supreme Court victory for animals in laboratories."
Maybe look into how much they've actually done...

Wed May 20 20 10:26pm
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Talking about rhese idiots attacking games, not PETA in general. And as I even mentioned: It's hard to take them serious when so many of their.members are acting like this. Never said all of PETA is crap.

P.S: These idiots attacking a game like AC and.not actually fighting for the rights of animals are troll nerds on socoal media ruining the image of what PETA stands for. Again, it's very hard to take them seriously like this.

Why does it wake so much emotion in you guys? This is not some horrible attack on a game. This is basically just light hearted activism. It's a funny video to me. There can be all forms of activism, from direct action in real life to light hearted quirky videos like this. Peta is huge, so it's not a surprise they'd try all kinds of things to get the word out. This one is just a "here's a funny video, but there's also a real message to it", very basic social media activism, and it works.

Why does it wake so much emotion in you guys?

Because they are wasting time and energy on something pointless when they have shitloads of better things to do, and all that for personal attention seeking agendas, ruining the core of their cause.

Is that a good enough explanation for you? =)

Thu May 21 20 11:37am
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I don't think it's a waste of time, they've got the people who are in charge of Peta's social media, whose job is to spread the word through the internet, and trying out different things like this works, because it did gain a lot of views. It's not "for personal attention", there's no specific names in that video. However, it is for "seeking attention" like you said in your first comment. That's what activism is. This isn't the only thing they are doing at all.

BULL! This is obviously for personal ettention. "Oh look at me. I'm such an activist. Love me. Praise me" I just can't take these clowns seriously. It's like people getting "offended" for other people who never got offended in the first place. And seriously, Animal Crossing is a, hold tight now, GAME!

There are no specific names mentioned, it literally can't be for personal attention. They aren't protesting the captivity of virtual fishes. It's a basic funny internet video to raise awarness of a real life problem. This is not a new way of doing internet activism.

They'll post their names. They probably told all their friends at school already (via the internet now of course). But hey! We are obviously not gpong to agree here, so we'll just agree to disagree on this one. It's a discussion forum after all =)

Peta's social media group (which most likely consists of working adults) made another activist post on Peta's official twitter and tiktok so they could brag to their school friends about it, and they'll later post their names in there too so people will know who exactly made it... Ok.

You just don't want to get it. OK. That's fine. But I will not support a group who trolls games rather than actually preventing animal crelty.

I have thoroughly explained myself. Your only explanation was "Oh look at me. I'm such an activist. Love me. Praise me" It's you who doesn't get it. It's not an attack nor trolling. Getting the word out in new ways does contribute to preventing animal crelty.

And I have explained my views in several posts, and yet you ignore those points. Points I stand by and have explained. OK. Let's leave it then! No need to get unfriendly either.

I have responded to all of your points. Show me which part I ignored.

Sun May 24 20 07:10pm
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Hehe. I have eaten enough bait today..But.. If you want to continue this "debate" then I'm game, but not now. Don't have time. If you like, then reply to this one or just PM me (so the admins can take a break) and we can go all in on it. I love a good debate in the end, believe it or not. =)

Yes, like I just said, I want to know which parts I ignored. It literally sounds like you're avoiding responding to me, I don't know what's the point of your comment, we've been going at this for 4 days.

I have been feeding you for FOUR days? Damn, my friends must be right: I'm a stubborn bastard :D

Looked a bit at our "discussion" and it' still just rock-throwing. You responded, I'll admit, but didn't really have any comeback. And if you look at the other posts, you'll see what I am talking about. Specially the "petakillsanimals one. Should be good enough.

I'll go punch a PETA cultist and you can have a great life thinking they did a great activist job trolling around in a game!

Have fun =)

Looks like you just left another non-response. That in itself says everything.

Fri May 22 20 12:47pm
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Honestly, if it's a choice between spending their time and energy on "protesting" in Animal Crossing and spending it on kidnapping and killing pets, I say they can spend all the time on Animal Crossing that they want.

Wed May 20 20 06:49pm
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There is a vast amount of things these people could have spent their time doing to help animals instead of making a video in a game. But I suppose they can't really do so given the current climate. It's nonsense but I'd give it a pass, honestly.

Oh, but it's totally OK if a human becomes a slave of a raccoon?

Maybe we should tell them that humans are animals too?

Actually yes, and I mean that seriously.

PETA's actions make a lot more sense when you realize they're not pro-animal, but anti-human. PETA is made up mostly of attention-seeking misanthropes.

These people are EFFING idiots.

Clearly there were fish in those tanks so they actually went out to get those fish. PETA put those fish in the tanks to begin with.


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