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Platinum Games says Bayonetta 3 isn't cancelled, tells fans to take those concerns and "throw them out the window"

Really, everything is fine!
by rawmeatcowboy
21 May 2020
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For some reason, people are absolutely convinced that Bayonetta 3 is going through some sort of development issues, or is on the brink of cancellation. Platinum has said countless times that the game is motoring along just fine, but fans refuse to believe it. Today, we once again get confirmation that things are moving along without issue.

In an interview with VideogamesChronicle, none other than Platinum's Hideki Kamiya addresses the concern head-on. If this doesn't convince fans that everything is fine, nothing will!

I’m on Twitter so I see a lot of comments every day. I’m happy that there’s still anticipation for the title, but one thing I would like to address is the trend I’m seeing which is people who are starting to ask if the game has been cancelled. I want you guys to take any concerns you have like that and throw them out the window immediately because we’re still hard at work on it and it hasn’t been cancelled by any means. Please look forward to it!

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