Dataminers discover 21 new moves heading to Pokemon Sword and Shield

Your move!

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass content is right around the corner, and Pokemon Co. is gearing up for the launch. That includes an update for Pokemon Home, which is live right now.

Dataminers have been picking through that update, and its given them a glimpse of some things to come with the Expansion Pass update. We now know that 21 new moves are going to be added to the game. You can check out the rundown of moves below.

- Expanding Force
- Steel Roller
- Scale Shot
- Meteor Beam
- Shell Side Arm
- Misty Explosion
- Grassy Glide
- Rising Voltage
- Terrain Pulse
- Skitter Smack
- Burning Jealousy
- Lash Out
- Poltergeist
- Corrosive Gas
- Coaching
- Flip Turn
- Triple Axel
- Dual Wingbeat
- Scorching Sands
- Jungle Healing
- Wicked Blow
- Surging Strikes

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Hmm... pretty sure Jungle Healing is Zarude's signature move... the rest though... no idea...

Bring back Signal Beam. D:

Huh. I wonder if these are signature moves for a lot of new Pokémon/Galarian forms, Move Tutor moves, or will be added into existing Pokémon's movesets.

could this 21 new move be added to current Pokémon or new Pokémon?


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