Virtuous says they have "no doubt" they can handle ports of any current-gen game for Switch, talk about XCOM 2 Collection challenges

Can't wait to see what they tackle next!

With each port of a PS4/XB1 title to Switch, fans wonder just what else is possible. Numerous ports have come along that might not be as visually pleasing as the original, but they impress nonetheless. Amazing work has been done so far by multiple teams, including the gang at Virtuous.

With Virtuous having tackled numerous Switch ports so far, the company has gained all sorts of knowledge in how these projects can work. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Senior Producer Zhang Chengwei said he's confident his team could tackle any project for Switch.

We propose the best solutions for how to fully use the Switch’s best features and really make the game shine, not just as a game, but specifically as a Switch game. Off the back of our work on Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Dark Souls: Remastered, The Outer Worlds and the coming XCOM2, we now have no doubt that Switch adaptations can be worked for games on any of the current generation of consoles (PS4/XB1). We have our own quality standards and obviously we don't create low-quality products which might hurt the Switch library or the wider games industry.

The latest work Virtuous is handling comes with XCOM 2 Collection. Chengwei opened up about what unique struggles this port brought about.

The biggest challenge we find is memory optimisation. The XCOM2 PC game uses more than 7GB memory but on Switch we can utilise just 3.2GB of memory usage. You need to continuously profile the game, make decisions, implement and test, then profile again. I’d say that we spent half a year just to optimise the memory, and we used many methods throughout this period, including using more efficient formats for files, removing needless memory usage, and even modifying and optimising the original console's memory system. This process is like squeezing water from a sponge. As more water is squeezed from the sponge, the harder the process becomes!


I greatly appreciate the work they do. Such a drastic contrast when compared to the third party support on Wii U. It's amazing what the Switch is capable of considering it's somewhat dated mobile Tegra X1. I just wish publishers would pay for bigger carts. XCom and Borderlands are both shipping on 8GB carts despite the availability of 32 or even 16 carts. Cheaper releases have used the 16Gb carts

Makes me wonder how far devs could've pushed the Wii U had they actually cared. Switch isn't that much more powerful than that was, plus we had two screens two work with (potentially three, but we never got to the double-GamePad functionality).

Yeah, I was hoping that after the success of Wither 3 more publishers would follow, but guess they are trying to play it safe. I think they loose sales like this.

Considering carts inflate the prices, usually they either have to eat the cost (not likely) or raise the price of the game itself (never gonna happen). 32GB ones are still insanely expensive too, so the dumb storage medium is to blame, really. Kinda sucky and something I hope a successor fixes somehow by making physical games a form of micro SD or minidiscs.

Mon May 25 20 06:17pm
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Why minidisc? That would be awful for a portable system. It would be the worst parts of the PSP and GCN lumped into one.

Way of getting the PS4/XB1's discs (which can store a lot of stuff) into a smaller form factor? Probably would be way cheaper to make than carts at least, if some sort of disc-thing was made. but the tablet nature of the system prevents full sized blurays from being viable...

Not only that, adding a disc drive would make it more fragile, wich inst good for a portable, besides drawing more battery. There's a reason why sony didnt use disks with the vita when they used it with the psp.

I think it would make more sense for the dock to have a disc drive, and games would install onto onboard memory like PS4 and Xbox. Only issue is pubs would be worried about used games if you can play without disc, ie handheld play.

I'm still dreaming of a Monster Hunter World port. Or just a Switch MH game in general (other than MHGU).


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