Fan gives Sonic a Paper Mario-style makeover

Sonic fits right in!

Nintendo has used the 'paper' style in the Paper Mario series to great success, but sometimes fans wonder what other franchises would look like with the same treatment. Sonic fan SightseekerAnim did more than just wonder, though. He got to work on a prototype that crammed Sonic into a Paper Mario-like experience. Not only does the game look just like Paper Mario, but it plays like it as well! The project is super early, but this first look is definitely promising!

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By "The project is super early", you mean that the demonstration is all just a cleverly animated video and there has been no actual game development done then yes, yes it is early.

Still looks great for a single fans work.

Yeah...this will probably get smashed by the IP owners. I would play any paper version of a game though...love the art style and gameplay of those first two


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