Borderlands 2 - Switch/Vita/PS4 graphics and FPS comparison

We haven't seen too much footage for Borderlands 2 on Switch yet, but that changes with the video above. Not only do we get more footage of the Switch version, but we can see how it stacks up with the Vita and PS4 versions. Check out the video above to see how it plays out.


Fri May 29 20 10:49pm
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I feel these videos are never really that great. I imagine they are showing docked Switch footage, but they don't say at all. The performance sections are all early sections and generally not indicative of later parts, especially in a game like this where there gets to be a lot of enemies later. The Vita section for this is especially misleading, as I've played through a lot of it there, and mid to low 20s for FPS would have been amazing, as further sections run well below that even, but you wouldn't know from this.

I found the same to be true for their recent Minecraft Dungeons video. The framerate they show is not helpful for later levels where drops are more frequent. On top of that, the game seems to have less frame drops in handheld mode, for whatever reason (assumedly lower resolution and less lighting effects), yet that was also completely absent there.

The videos are mildly interesting for a graphical comparison, at least.


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