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Colors Live developer talks potential release date plans

Hopefully doodling this Summer
by rawmeatcowboy
03 June 2020
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The Colors Live Kickstarter has been a phenomenal success, bringing in over $113k with 8 days to go. The original goal was $16k, so you can see how well things are going!

With the Kickstarter being a major success, we now know for sure that the app and SonarPen are on their way to Switch. The questions fans want answered is when. In an interview with Sudomemo, developer Jens Andersson discussed the plans.

We want the Colors SonarPen to be shipped out to everyone in time for the eShop release of Colors Live. In these strange times it’s quite hard to predict exactly when that will be, but we are planning for a summer release. We haven’t yet nailed down final pricing, but on the Kickstarter, we are selling Colors Live + Colors SonarPen for $39 (plus shipping).