GoNintendo Feature: How does The Outer Worlds hold up on Nintendo Switch?

A bumpy ride to Halcyon

We've spent a decent amount of time with The Outer Worlds on Switch, and we've got gameplay footage and hands-on impressions to share with you! See what we think of the experience so far.

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Thu Jun 04 20 06:29pm
Rating: 1

I have a similar view when it comes to graphics, but the sudden loading and pop-in seems like it might bug me slightly. Due to backlog I had already planned to add this to my wish list and pick it up on sale. I'll still do that and hopefully there may be a performance patch between now and then.

I'm really interested in the roleplaying options of the game because I heard you can actually negotiate, charm, bluff, or other forms of skill check many potential combat encounters. I saw a clip of someone showing unique options if you have extremely low intellect and it made me laugh.

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