Switch version of painting-sim 'SuchArt!' revealed, launching alongside PC release in Fall 2020

Let the creativity flow!

Developer Voolgi has announced during Indie Live Expo 2020 that a Switch version of their painting simulation game SuchArt! is in development alongside the PC release. Both versions are planned for Fall 2020, and you can check out a full synopsis of the game below.

Screenshots can be found via the Steam page here!

SuchArt! is a game featuring you being such an amazing artist. Really you rock, your latest DNA test is very positive about it.

Now please pick a brush or a flamethrower and express your boundless creativity across your brand new studio, aboard the International Space City. And don’t forget: the only limit is the size of your brush.

PAINT EVERYWHERE Turn the world around you into a huge canvas and do whatever you please with it — add some red to that gloomy wall, spill paint on the floor and call it abstract expressionism, or just write your name everywhere: this space is yours after all! Wait, how did you mess up your studio that much that fast?

REALISTIC PAINT Like in real life, without the downsides! Wait, did those red and blue pigments really mix into this elegant yet powerful purple? Hey, this elegant yet powerful purple subtly dried over the last minutes. How exciting!

SELL AND EXPOSE YOUR ART Sell your paintings at the marketplace, or fulfill all your clients desires through hopefully well paid commissions. Or the promise of a gift. Or some exposure, the best of all currencies out there. Oh, about the exposure — you can expose all your delicately crafted paintings inside your virtual gallery. Surely your art deserves its own gallery, doesn't it?

GET MORE TOOLS Don’t let this boring bland brush get in the way of your creativity. You want a flamethrower? Buy a flameth… wait, this thing is expensive!

PICK YOUR SIDE They say down on Earth the robots are revolting and the Crabuxes covet the planet’s salt water. But surely that’s none of your business. Or, is it?

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