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Muse Dash Fubuki Shirakami collaboration event and 2nd Anniversary content update is coming out on June 12th, 2020

A big celebration on the way
by rawmeatcowboy
09 June 2020
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The indie rhythm action game that has sold over 1.7 million across all platforms, Muse Dash is turning 2 years old on June 15th! PeroPeroGames and X.D. Network are going to release a 2nd Anniversary content update on June 12th with new songs, new illustrations, a new character and a collaboration event with the famous VTuber Fubuki Shirakami.

Fubuki Shirakami has always been interacting with the Muse Dash official twitter account and has been playing the game on her stream quite often. The devs and publishing team of Muse Dash is now finally collaborating with Fubuki and bringing her song [Say! ファンファーレ! ] to Muse Dash. There will also be an illustration in the game featuring the cute Fox and Buro. The collaboration will go live on June 12th, [Say! ファンファーレ ! ] will be added to the game as one of the new free songs
with the new content update.

As the alternate reality game PeroPero released on Muse Dash’s official twitter account hinted, the 2nd Anniversary content update will have something special, new character - School Girl Buro! Her unique ability is that when holding down the buttons, she will continuously hit marked enemies. This would be really helpful in the more difficult songs that have lots of quick tap notes in rows. School Girl Buro concept draft In all, the content drop will include a new DLC music pack [MUSE RADIO] with a new retro style - stage, collaboration & 2nd - anniversary illustrations, and three new free songs [mopemope], [Best One feat.
墨橙], [Say! ファンファーレ! ]. [mopemope] is definitely another highlight of this huge update, rumor has it that this song has some hidden feature that will give fans a fresh and “CRAZY” experience. XD

On this 2nd - Anniversary, Muse Dash will be getting a new historical low price discount of base game 60%off and DLC pass 35% off on Steam & mobile, and 35% off for the full game on Nintendo Switch. With the consistent and persistent monthly updates from PeroPeroGames, Muse Dash’s list of songs has exceeded 180 and working its way towards 200.

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