Mega Man Legends composer asks about interest for third installment

Mega Man Legends composer Makoto Tomozawa has asked fans if they are interested in a Kickstarter for a third installment. Obviously, this is no guarantee that anything of the sort will happen, but it is important to make your voices heard!

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I remember back in collage, hearing about the group collab where fans can participate and help create content for ML3. I don't know if I can go through a second cancellation but if an announcement is made I will commit to being hyped despite my better judgment.

I rather have Inti back and make ZX3 or StarForce4 before a truly new series.

I think the newest MegaMan games bet too much on nostalgia, ironically not taking risks im tired of the old school MegaMan series Capcom is reviving, i don't see them trying anything else as long as that works for them

Part of me feels that inti going to help Inafune with MN9 will forever burn that bridge with Capcom, meaning ZX3 would never happen unless it's inhouse unfortunately. But I do think there's very real potential for BN/SF to come back since it's mega popular and nostalgic, though I'm leaning more towards BN since those were huger hits, more popular, more refined... and Star Force isn't considered to be nearly as good. But BN ended on a climatic note too, so I'd rather they not fuck up the ending unless they do it with adult characters or their children as a prequel to SF.

Inti didn't "go with" Inafune at all. They were hired. They are for-hire devs. There's no ill will between them and Capcom. It's all about money.

As for Battle Network and Star Force, both had decent endings that wrapped their stories very well. If anything, I think remakes or collections would be the best idea. But not another "crossover" like "Mega Man EXE Operation Shooting Star" which was not really so much a crossover as it was MMBN1 with a cameo from Star Force.

Actually, remakes would do those games well, because there were a number of... "issues", I suppose I'd call them. Some touchup on the localization, and less "cutting out content in the International versions and breaking the game in the process". That was something I always was annoyed with. I don't care if the e-reader or the Boktai crossover didn't take off here, cutting that content out was stupid. They should have left it in for those who actually were interested. Worst case, rename the characters so it's another silly knockoff thing like the movie posters in the games.

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I remember the last time MML 3 was crowdfunded. It ended up with Capcom execs getting cold feet and shutting down everything because the execs didn't want crowdfunding leaking secrets or to trust the crowdfunders with the project either.

This led to Kenji Inafune leaving Capcom (before he wrecked his career with Mighty No. 9), Capcom burying Mega Man for years outside of shitty games like Rockman Xover, and Capcom having an identity crisis wanting to be like AAA western developers. They today still aren't supplying the Switch with brand-new content, just more ports.

Burn me once, shame on you Capcom. Burn me twice, shame on me. And so on.

MML3 wasn't crowdfunded, and none of that is true. It was an open development process where fans could submit fan art and whatnot to help vote on designs for the game and whatnot. In all respects, it was the planning stages of a usual game project, being shown in the open for fans to do stuff with.

But like with anything in the planning phase... It has to be greenlit. MML3 was never greenlit and they warned that if the prototype bombed they would kill the game since it wouldn't be greenlit. The problem was the eShop delay caused the prototype to be delayed, and with Inafune leaving and people in Capcom not knowing what to do without their usual leader, along with this project being one from a niche franchise that never broke a million...It pretty much just led to stuff being canned and not meeting greenlight without a prototype. More of a series of unfortunate events over anything else, really. Same with all the nothing that came until Legacy Collection.

Capcom USA noted a few times they wanted to try something with Mega Man, but Capcom Japan would always shut them down. They did get their way on reviving Strider and Ducktales in the meantime however, which were fine stopgaps. They even are the ones that cancelled Rockman XOver's US release as they HATED the game themselves and knew the fan reaction was bad.

Mega Man was being milked to death by that point anyhow, so it was probably time for a break. The problem was we didn't know who or what was in charge due to all the uncertainty and people riding on MN9's KS because they wanted to pwn Capcom for not rushing out another game without direction.

Then MN9 became a disaster, go figure. Legacy Collection ended up beating it to retail which I also find super duper funny looking back, and that broke a million, a figure not many MM games even hit to begin with. Since then, they've been getting back on track due to successful collections and MM11 breaking a million (along with concrete confirmation the new director is working on a new Mega Man title, meaning it's not a one hit wonder), and things are looking good.

I say it's the perfect time for L3 as a tons of those old staff are still at capcom and they have to do it eventually before they end up getting too old to stick around, but the nicheness would mean either a Legacy Collection to test the waters before 3, or a crowdfunding to make it happen by force. To be blunt, their switch support isn't anything out of the ordinary either as nearly every game they've released since early 2018 has come out day and date on the Switch, save for the more intensive games that would absolutely not work on the system at all. (RE2/3 Remakes, DMCV, MHW) All their games besides MM11 and those have been ports or compilations of some kind, and thus that's why it's seemingly all we get alongside the extra stuff like Dogma and DMC1-3. We even freaking got Shinsekai as a console exclusive, which is a pretty dope thing since it's one of the Apple Arcade's best metroidvanias and most thought it wouldn't ever leave mobile.

Can't really blame them for not putting much on switch, when their non-switch output isn't that big to begin with save for milking Resident Evil to death and making a MH game deliberately to not be confined to the low power of Nintendo handhelds. (Hell, RE 1, 4-6 all coming to Switch for no real reason other than to exist seems to indicate they want to milk it to death everywhere and they'll probably find a way to either halfass the remakes for Switch or port the OGs of 2/3 sooner or later) And with MHW being a megaton hit... Yeah, I do not expect them to ever bother with a bad port of World on Switch, or scale down world 2 for the switch to handle it. I'm expecting stuff like Stories or a remake of an older game from them, TBH.

If Mega man X9, a collection or a non-intensive game like that ends up missing Switch, then we can raise our eyebrows, but otherwise I'd say Capcom's support is super solid alongside Square Enix and Idea Factory. I'm confident this would end up on switch unless they decide to make L3 super intensive and against the style of the series for some dumb reason.

While what you've said is true, Its still damn shame that Capcom canned the project. Had they atleast made the prototype playable and then canned it, that's atleast fair because they promised the fans that they could play it and a lot of people actually bought the 3DS because of L3.

I don't know what you mean by Capcom supporting the Switch a lot because all they have done so far is ports of games that already existed. Sure, you can argue that there is demand to play them on the go but other than that, its lacking that newer games aren't launched by Capcom.

As for L3, it should happen considering the cliffhanger the L2 has.

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