GoNintendo Thought: What are you playing this weekend?

We've made it through another week, my friends. Time to spend a couple days enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation...and gaming! I know I'm going to cram in as much game time as possible. Here's what I'm planning to spend some time with this weekend.

The Last of Us: Part 2

Like many other gamers out there, I've been spending a good amount of time playing The Last of Us: Part 2. I'm doing my best to savor every moment, as I don't want to rush through the experience. It took 7 years for this game to come out, so I want to take my time and enjoy it! I've been worried about the game drawing to a close for a couple days now, which I guess goes to show that I'm having a good time. I don't want it to end!


I've played a decent amount of rounds in Ninjala since it launched, and I'm honestly still not sure how I feel about it. I can't even say if I like it or not. There are things I definitely don't like, yet I still feel the urge to go back and play more. Perhaps I want a better understanding, or maybe the entire experience is growing on me. I still don't feel like I have a real grasp on everything so far, and I'm committed to figuring those intricacies out.

Pac-Man Championship Edition Demake

You've heard me gush about it on the podcast, read my review, and watched me play in a video. Pac-Man Championship Edition Demake is my current gaming obsession. This is the game I'm pouring a lot of time into, and I have an absolute blast everytime I hop into it. I really can't get enough of this one!

Pokemon Cafe Mix

I grabbed Pokemon Cafe Mix on my phone the other day to give it a shot. I'm a sucker for mobile puzzlers, so I thought I'd check this one out. It's pretty standard for a puzzler in most regards, but the linking/swirling feature definitely leads to a different type of gameplay. I'm having my fun with it, but it's nothing mind-blowing. Just something nice to pass the time with.


That's what I'll be playing, now how about you? Let us know what you're going to sit down with this weekend! You can leave a comment here or hit us up via this story's tweet on Twitter.

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I've been playing playing The Last of Us Part 2 as well. I'll probably get a lot of time in it this weekend.

Alongside that I've been playing Pokemon Shield's Isle of Armor and Pokemon Cafe Mix has been a nice lighthearted puzzle game that I've actually enjoyed much more than I thought I would.

Cafe Mix definitely helps offset the darker mood of The Last of Us Part 2 Smile

Ninjala was my plan, but Splatoon 2's Salmon Run has such a good load-out right now that I'm going to do something I've always wanted to and finally grind my way up to Profreshional 999. I'll probably still play a little of Ninjala's single player tonight, maybe.

Last of Us Part 2 here as well. Only a few hours in but really enjoying it and it looks amazing.

Also slowly chipping away at Xenoblade DE, which has been derailed a bit by me buying a PS Vita with Persona 4 Golden. Really need to stop starting new games before finishing others, especially ones in the same genre.

I'm just gonna do nothing at all, I think.

(in all seriousness, that sounds really nice)

Fri Jun 26 20 08:05pm
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I'm gonna continue playing through Pandora's Tower for Wii (I'm playing it with my Wii U).
I also have just downloaded Anthill on the Switch. I won a code for it in a competition on twitter a while ago.
Also I've downloaded Ninjala too. Smile
I would like to continue Silver Falls 3 Sown Stars on the 3DS but I'm so confused by this current puzzle/problem so who knows about that.
I did download the Mr Driller in Drill land demo but I don't when I'll get to that.

Playing Animal Crossing as usual. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time for the bug off because of work. That’s the only Switch game I’ve been playing.

On PS4 I’m playing a lot of Mortal Kombat 11 towers. Slowly working through Shantae and the Seven Sirens as well. When I’m playing co op, it’s Dragon’s Crown Pro.

Pretty diverse selection of games, huh?

I've been replaying Paper Mario: TTYD recently, in preparation for both playing Bug Fables right away and Origami King when it releases. I'm almost done--I'm about halfway through Chapter 7 right now. I don't know if I'll do a Pit run this time, but I definitely want to! Maybe I'll save that for next weekend.

I've also been replaying Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube. I decided to do a run with Zelos as Lloyd's soulmate, which is fun. I got them sweet NG+ perks, so maybe I'll also actually manage to get Genis's I Hate Gels! title this time...

Cracking down on a lot of gaming compilations. NSO, Namcot Collection, Archives 1 and 2, lots of retro stuff!

Fri Jun 26 20 08:47pm
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I'm playing final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core on the PSP, got one recently and I'm finally trying this one, it's cool but really repetitive, so I'm a bit disappointed after hearing about this game for so long.
Also playing Dragon Quest XI on the Switch, Star Wars Racer on the N64 and Luigi's Mansion 2 on the 3DS.

Fri Jun 26 20 08:56pm
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Trying to wrap up GTA V. I started Uncharted 1 in the Nathan Drake collection, but I might stop early to focus on cleaning up some Switch backlog. I only like to play two games at a time, so I'll see what I feel like playing. I like these threads.

Definitely Pokémon Sword and Shield as the Friendly is this weekend. Also some Ninjala to see how far I can go.

I'm not gonna be playing The Last of Us II because it's not my cup of tea, but I hope you all are able to enjoy it regardless!

Pokemon Shield hatching eggs and doing Raids with friends, maybe some more Ninjala, Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Bug-Off event that's tomorrow, and to clean out my storage that's already max capacity somehow... I've got a lot of NASCAR to watch this weekend, so it'll make for some great double duty time with me and my Switch!

I have Pokemon Cafe Mix on my Switch, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll squeeze it in sometime! Makes me wonder which is "better" in regards of "please give us money" content, it or Ninjala...

I think I'll play some Resident Evil 2,maybe some Animal Crossing and Apex Legends. We'll see! I would jump on the Last of Us train, but I still need to play the first. Have it, but it is regulated to the backlog currently

I want to say play some of my Switch backlog which consists of: Bioshock, New Super Lucky's Tale, Xenoblade, Dragon Quest 11 S, Borderlands, Burnout Paradise, Saints Row 4, Link's Awakening, Astral Chain, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC, Pokemon Sword, Ring Fit Adventure, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Witcher 3, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Doom 2016, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition, Panzer Dragoon Remake, Metro: Last Light/2033 Redux, Skelattack, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, The Wonderful 101 Remastered, Alien Isolation, Trover saves the Universe, South Park: The fractured But Whole, Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered, Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair, Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders Genesis, Shantae & the Seven Sirens, Assassins Creed Rebel Collection, Ori & the Blind Forest, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, The Messenger, Ace Attorney Trilogy, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, Little Nightmares, Devil May Cry Trilogy and others.

But what I will probably do is:

- Play a hour or 2 of Animal Crossing
- Play a few hours of Dead by Daylight
- Watch youtube videos and Netflix/Hulu/Disney +/Amazon Video/HBO Max.

I'll be jumping back into Xenoblade again... just got to Sword Valley last night...

On a side note... is it weird I think you people are weird for playing so many different games at once? I mean, I personally prefer to play just one game from beginning to end (or until I get sick of it) and then move onto the next one... doesn't things get a little confusing when you jump from one game to another so much?

I play several games at once and you’re right it definitely is weird haha, my wallet would thank me for just sticking to one game and seeing it through before moving on to the next. For me it’s just that I have so much I want to play but so little free time to play so I end up divvying up my time between multiple games.

If a game only takes around 10 hours to beat though I will generally just focus on that because it’s not a huge commitment to get through.

I get the feeling that we are very much alike. Last week because of Xenoblade and waiting for the Shantae physical and now because of the way we play games.
Just thinking about starting something else besides Xenoblade just feels...wrong. Everyone else on backloggery.com plays multiple games at once which I coul never do. It would feel like making no or at least not enough progress in any of the games I would play (that's the way it felt when I tried to play Persona 5 and Astral Chain at the same time and it was awful).

I just reached Valak Mountain, my favorite area of the game (especially at night).

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the main thing I am doing, but this weekend is also the Bug-Off in New Horizons so I need to grind that out for the rewards on Saturday.

Otherwise I will be doing a little bit of Pokémon Café Mix (I play until I run out of retries), periodically checking Pokémon Go for Dwebble & probably set aside time to grind some more Max Mushrooms or Watts in Isle of Armor so I can finish off the little bits of that I have left. I want to do the Restricted Sparring but trying even just one made me realize I have shitty Pokémon so I probably won't do that since I don't want to make like 18 teams. Unless someone has a guide that doesn't require me bothering with EVs, IVs and the like.

So yeah.

Xenoblade, AC & Pokémon. Mostly biding time until Min Min & the Xenoblade event in Tetris 99.

Sat Jun 27 20 02:42am
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Disco Elysium (which my Reptilian Brain am still calling "No Truce with the Furries") and Astral Chain.

So a weekend of Hobocop making bad life decisions and Anime Cop fighting monsters in the framerate dimension.

The duality of Man.

Sat Jun 27 20 06:24am
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If I have time it'll be spent playing some Duke Nukem... Might try out Ninjala


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