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Modder turns broken SNES into a custom Switch dock

Now you're playing with Super Power!
by rawmeatcowboy
28 June 2020
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Not that long ago, we shared a custom NES Switch dock created by Redditor IMOKRUOK. That project turned out to be a big hit for them, so they got right to work on a second project.

This time around, IMOKRUOK got to work on turning a dead SNES into a Switch dock. All in all, the project took roughly 40 hours to put together, and presented some rather unique challenges over the NES dock. The final result is yet another slick project that actually lets you slot in the Joy-Con, and yes, the eject button still works!

If you want to check out over 100 pics of the project, you can see a gallery here. You can also get some notes on the dock's creation from IMOKRUOK here.