Atlus reveals streaming/upload guidelines for Catherine: Full Body

Keep Catherine a secret!

The original Catherine came out in 2011, and the updated Catherine: Full Body hit other platforms in 2019. Now the experience is set to come to Switch next month, and Atlus is still doing what they can to prevent spoilers.

Atlus has shared a message on their official Japanese site about streaming/video uploads for Catherine: Full Body. First up, any footage/audio uploaded or streamed can only be for personal use, and not to profit off of. All footage has to include copyright messages for “ATLUS” and “SEGA.” Lastly, players are not allowed to share videos or screenshots from the Golden Theater story mode. That includes from the 6th day all the way to the ending.

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Sun Jun 28 20 08:08pm
Rating: 6

Fuck Atlus. This is worse than Nintendo and that's saying something.

Sun Jun 28 20 08:05pm
Rating: 4

These guidelines are incredibly stupid even for new games. This game is 9 years old, and the remake is a year old. I hate how Atlus does this garbage.

Sun Jun 28 20 08:08pm
Rating: 6

Fuck Atlus. This is worse than Nintendo and that's saying something.

Sun Jun 28 20 10:10pm
Rating: 1

I'm amazed that Sega allows Atlus to get away with this garbage.

Sun Jun 28 20 10:55pm
Rating: 2

Didn't Sega themselves do this for a Puyo Puyo game of all things?

They did yes, for Puyo Tetris.

It's their game. So they are 100% in their right to do this.

That doesn't make it any less arbitrarily restrictive.

You right, they 100% have the right to be assholes, but this is our speech and we 100% have the right to dislike and criticize them for it.

It’s their right to make this demand, but they have no grounds to enforce this demand, unless Sega and Atlus have just single handedly re-written copyright and fair-use law globally.

How can they, or anyone, enforce something like this when they haven’t made people sign any contracts or agreements on what Sega/Atlus demand?

As I understand it, Japanese streamers will usually just fall in line when a company says something like this.

Saw it months ago, so kinda late for that, and i thought the game actually had a competive scene, would make it harder to grow such a scene definitly.


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