Splatoon 2 gets a fan-made instruction booklet

For the love of the game

We unfortunately live in an era where instruction booklets are a rarity. Most companies ship games without any physical manuals, instead opting for digital guides that you find in-game. The older gamers out there, myself include, certainly miss the days when you had a physical booklet to flip through to learn a little bit more about your experience. Thankfully, some fans are willing to go the extra mile to indulge the nostalgia.

Nintendo fan Nosey Tengu teamed up with 13 other Splatoon 2 super-fans to create an instruction booklet for the game. The project took about a year to put together, and was certainly a labor of love. The booklet slots right into your Splatoon 2 box, so you can pretend it came along with the package from day one!

If you'd like to grab one of these instruction booklets for yourself, you can hit up Nosey Tengu on Twitter via DM. He's been giving them away for free, but he does accept donations via Ko-fi to recoup production and printing costs.

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Got one of these and they are BEAUTIFUL!


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