id Software says DOOM Eternal's Switch release date will be revealed soon

No more DOOM and gloom

Switch owners have been patiently waiting for new info on DOOM Eternal's Switch version, and it seems that patience will be paying off soon. In a GameReactor interview with id Software's Marty Stratton, we learn that info on that launch should be right around the corner. Check out a quick summary of what Mr. Stratton had to say below.

- talking about a release date pretty soon
- Switch version has made great progress
- will be a 'feather in the cap' for Panic Button
- will be 'every bit as good' as DOOM 2016 was on Switch
- DOOM 2016 felt a little bit like an experiment, and DOOM Eternal is another step
- not watering it down at all, and people can expect the full experience

Thanks to Sergio for the heads up!

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Fri Jul 03 20 03:06pm
Rating: 1

I’m still excited about this, but by the time it releases, I’ll have a hard time justifying a full-cost purchase even if the port is good. Shame because it deserves success on Switch. I doubt Doom Eternal will see it though.

Mandatory "Revealed in the July direct" comment

For better or worse I've had my pre-order in and I'm sticking with it. May it be the best it can be.

Fri Jul 03 20 04:09pm
Rating: 2

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say it'll be revealed alongside Doom Slayer's Smash reveal trailer...

Isn't the Vault Boy Mii costume a bit suspicious? Why go through all of that legal paperwork for something so meh? There has to be a Bethesda fighter, right?!

It does seem a little odd... although, then again, they've added several costumes from third-parties that have no actual fighters in Smash, so who knows...

Fri Jul 03 20 07:01pm
Rating: 1

I want to believe. Doom is one of the single most important game franchises in history. The original really is up there with Super Mario Bros in terms of revolutionizing game design, quality, and still being just as fun to play today as the day it was released. Every game in the series is good, every game has been released on Nintendo hardware, and Nintendo even had Doom 64 as an exclusive for over two decades. It totally deserves Smash representation! Smash overall is really lacking in Western representation and I can think of few other this deserving.

Some people like to say the series is too violent for Smash and couldn't be done justice in an E10+ game, but I like to direct them to the Doom pinball game Zen Studios made. That table fully captures the spirit of Doom without any gore.

Fri Jul 03 20 07:15pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Well, he's certainly a more worthy candidate than some of the characters already in Smash... and if they can pull off Bayonetta I see no reason they can't pull off Doom Slayer...

Yeah, Bayonetta and even Castlevania prove that Doom can be done. Sakurai could probably do some interesting things with the character too, especially with some of the recent abilities he has gained in Eternal... oh, and the music and level would be so cool.

This is totally my dream Smash fighter if you can't tell. Haha.

I just bought the game on Steam for 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale. I haven’t checked the eShop, but I hope it’s not full price or Nintendo fans will probably be quite angry.

I was worried that either
a. They would announce the release date right after I took the plunge on the Summer Sale
b. I would miss the Summer Sale due to holding out for the Switch version, and then they would announce that it's cancelled
So I'm satisfied with this update, even though I highly doubt they'll price it for less than $60.

60FPS (with reduced visual details) or get out. Especially if it's full price all these months later.

The Switch just isn't capable of doing that... not with all of the development skill in the world. It will be a dynamic framerate that tops out at 30 and look like somebody smudged Vaseline across the screen like the previous id Tech games... Oh, but those sweet gyro aiming controls still make me return to the Switch version of 2016!

Sun Jul 05 20 10:58pm
(Updated 1 time)

Like I know it's not practical... But it makes me wonder why the hell they bother. It's not playing at the intended framerate the game was made for, (even with an announcement of this day and date with the other systems, I still don't buy that a fast paced FPS made for 60FPS could ever been seen as acceptable on Switch) and pointless motion controls are not enough of a reason to pick the same game up for many more times the price than other versions. Doom 2016 is still $60 despite Nintendo not publishing it, which is absurd since the PS4 one goes for $20 normally and $5 at sale times, and runs a million times better.

Of all the bethesda ports, not counting the old doom games, (which run amazingly and oddly at 60fps when they WEREN'T meant to, meaning they went above and beyond for them after the initial backlash) only Skyrim seems to be running at what it's meant to... likely because that one's a 30FPS game that struggles everywhere, so it feels fine on Switch. (that's also why Witcher feels good on the system too)

Still, it's kinda sad that Bethesda just keeps throwing out mediocre ports for mostly everything else, to the point I honestly would prefer no port at all if they can't bother to force 60FPS. Maybe stuff like Samurai Shodown on Switch spoils me, where the framerate is super close to 60, even though it's a smeary mess, but it plays super good like the other systems. That's the sort of port quality I hope to see from new games, but a lot of them get really intensive and the Switch is pretty weak power wise...

Looking forward to Doom Eternal since I have Doom 2016 on the Switch. But honestly I am more excited for XIII than this. Here's hoping neither disappoint though.

Will they actually fit the whole game on the cartridge this time?


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