Switch release 'Final Sword' steals music from The Legend of Zelda

That's the final straw!

We've seen Nintendo music pop up in some strange places before. News programs have pilfered songs from Nintendo games, and online ads for mobile games have stolen tunes as well. Now we have the most blatant and bold case yet, as a game on the Switch eShop has used music from The Legend of Zelda!

Final Sword, an action RPG that just released on Switch, has no doubt stolen music from Nintendo. As you can hear in the video above, the game straight-up rips off Zelda's Lullaby for background music. I cannot believe a company would release a game for the Switch and try to sneak in Nintendo's own music while they're at it! Get ready for this one to disappear sometime very soon.

Thanks to Naruki for the heads up!

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Man the junk Nintendo allows to be released on the system.

All this while they still, somehow, ban Wii U Indie developers from publishing on the Switch to this day. Antipole DX got canned over it, and Ping REDUX (a remake of a Wii U game) can't come to Switch either as Nintendo won't give the developer a dev kit.

I don't get their selection process

Sat Jul 04 20 06:33pm
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There’s garbage on every system. I just think Nintendo’s poor store design helps the trash float to the surface.

Trust me that's not the only thing they stole


I mean I guess these weren't stolen, Unity lets you use store assets in commercial products (which they really really shouldn't, but whatever), but its still notable that the dev never really bothered to make many original assets for this game, music illegally included with that.

Now the fact that that got by Nintendo makes me very very concerned. That system needs a massive overhaul, not a minor one, if they are not only going to let garbage like this on eShop, but also don't realize that said garbage is also stealing their copyrighted material.

There was that one game from a few months ago too that turned out to be a pre-made game on the Unity engine as well, just with the name changed.

Which I think would probably not be okay to sell even for Unity, let alone Nintendo

The music and the fact that it looks so horrendous makes me want to actually play it, but at $17.70USD? they are out if their minds. I'd give them $2, and thats generous when they are stealing stuff.

I watched someone stream the game last night because they randomly decided to get it, it was interesting to say the least.

Also why is it $17.70? That's such an odd price...

I had the same thought. I wondered if it was a specific amount in won, since the developer is in Korea, but I checked and it's also a pretty random total, like ₩21,230 and change.

That's odd as well. I wonder if they just estimated sales and did the exact price that they estimated gave their highest profits.

Given that they are already using unity store assets wouldn't be shocked if that was their attitude.

It's funny, just yesterday I was browsing new releases in the eShop and I watched the trailer for this game, and thought, "If this somehow gets reviewed by multiple outlets, it will be a front-runner for worst Switch game of the year, if not all time."

Now it won't even get that dubious honor, since it will likely be delisted and launched into the surface of the sun...

Sun Jul 05 20 12:00am
Rating: 1

Applause to these devs. Nintendo has denied credible devs a spot on the eshop for some silly quality check reasons but they allow trash they clearly do not run through on the shop DAILY. This is further proof to that criticism.

Good lord, does that game look awful. I guess they figure nobody with any knowledge of video games whatsoever will buy this trash and figure out their secret.

Either that, or they don't have any real concept of "plagiarism is bad."

I'd bet that music wasn't the only thing they stole from some other game.


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