Pokémon GO Surpasses $3.6 Billion in Lifetime Revenue

Pokemon GO still has it

Sensor Tower is back with another report on Pokemon GO, this time sharing data on the game's total revenue since launch. Believe it or not, the game has managed to surpass $3.6 billion since launching, which just goes to show how strong the title still is. Get the full breakdown on revenue and morebelow.

- 2019 was a record year for player spending in the title, with Pokémon GO generating $905 million globally
- the previous best year was 2016, when it generated an estimated $832.5 million in just six months
- the United States has generated close to $1.3 billion, or 35.4 percent of player spending
- Japan ranks No. 2 and Germany rounds out the top three
- Google Play accounts for $1.9 billion, or 53.6 percent of player spending
- the App Store has generated close to $1.7 billion, or 46.4 percent total revenue
- to date, Pokémon GO has accumulated 576.7 million unique downloads worldwide
- the U.S. accounts for 105.2 million, or 18.2 percent
- Brazil is No. 2 with close to 63 million downloads, while Mexico ranks No. 3 with more than 36 million installs, or 6.3 percent.
- Google Play represents the largest share of downloads, accounting for more than 450 million downloads, or 78.3 percent
- the App Store accounts for 125.4 million installs, or 21.7 percen
- in the first half of 2020, Pokémon GO has generated $445.3 million

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I’ve never played Pokemon GO. I downloaded it the day it came out and the servers were so overloaded that I was never able to create an account. Deleted it and never went back to it.
This has nothing to do with anything but I just figured I’d share.

Every time I see a new story about Go being a success, I always remember my marketing class where my professor argued it was not gonna last and I argued it would last years. It not much, but it makes me happy Smile

Go doing well, does it even matter if the main games show up at this point?

I have probably played this game more than any other game ever. I play it every time I go for a walk or go to a new place. It has even introduced me to new places because I used to look up where the Pokemon Nests were and travel to them. Ton of fun with this simple game, even with the server issues in the beginning back when it had more daily active users than Snapchat. I'm finally very very close to level 40 after these years of playing. lol

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