Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered will not feature offline or local multiplayer

Our local multiplayer fantasy has been crushed...

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered will not include support for offline or local multiplayer, and will instead be limited to online for development reasons. They went with online support rather than offline so that more people have the chance to play, since they apparently didn't have the resources for both? Check out the exact statement (Google translated from Japanese) below!

As we have introduced in official broadcasts, this product does not support offline multiplayer. For development reasons, it is necessary to select either offline or online, so we selected online multiplayer so that more people can play.


Wow, that's...weird. And lazy.

Ouch no local co-op.

Really seems like a "we didn't want to delay the game and had to choose one or the other" decision....plus, online only might mean more sales since people will need their own copy to play...

A bit of money was involved in this "development decision" methinks...

Maybe if it sells well enough there will be a feature update...hopefully not paid DLC.

Seems less bad with how current events have unfolded. At the very least having the free version one could play a bit of the game with other people and if they like that experience they can decide if they want to continue playing that way.

Still I think LAN play with the Switch would have been nice.

Wed Jul 15 20 12:05pm
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I'm getting trials of mana flashbacks.
This also worries me. What are they planning to do with the online? Will there be updates? Microtransactions? Is it to link it to mobile games? It's strange.

Although at least with Trials of Mana they were hampered by the dragon quest 11 code that they were reusing/adapating, which led to no split screen gaming.
Given that, LAN should work fine if they have online multiplayer?

It should be ok. We can still play multiplayer from only one purchase by using the free Lite version. That kindof makes up for it. Even if you only have one Nintendo Switch, you can still play together using the Mobile version.

It's an ironic turn of events for the game, but still better than the alternative.

Those GCN-GBA Link Cables were not any easier to find when they were still in regular production. Believe me.

Well that’s dumb. Don’t really have many online friends to play with so I always go for local co-op. Pretty disappointing to hear they aren’t bothering to add it here, even with little reason for them not to. :|

Ok, so scratch that off my list of potential games.
I thought the texture work wasn't looking great - now I don't have to stress on whether to buy it or not.

I'm sure I'm in the minority, best of luck to them.
I have the original, but getting the old Gba SPs to maintain a charge is impossible, replacement batteries are a joke, and the GCN connect cable blocks the plug so you can't run while plugged in.

Still, I had fun memories.
4 Swords on GCN was a MUCH better game in my opinion, and these were the only two I bought that did the gba thing. Notably, I bought 4 GBAs JUST to play these two games.

Realistically, as much as I always lament loss of features present in the original and having options in general, this isn't that much different from the original.

The original game required going through hoops, several systems and hard to find wires. It allowed for local play, obviously, but it wasn't ideal and cost a lot.

It's also releasing at a time where we shouldn't be playing locally with people really in the first place.

That said, Switch has the better option with people being able to play online in the same room with far more ease than PS4 (which would require extra screens and a lot more lugging around). You still need extra copies of the game to get the most out of it (rather than 13 dungeons from the Lite version), but again, that is no different from needing GBAs and the cords. Nothing really changing here.

Probably not getting it at full price though, but that's largely because I don't have friends on or offline that I foresee playing with.

This would be the only route I would realistically be able to play with others, so I'm not bummed, but condolences to those who wanted the local co-op route.

I mean ideally you'd have both local and online options, but considering everything going on, online does give the safest way to play multiplayer.

Also, this means that RMC doesn't have an excuse to ditch his friends and finish the game by himself. :P


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