Nintendo releases 'Why go digital on Switch' and 'How to use the eShop' video features

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Nintendo has put together two videos that are focused on people who are new to the Switch. They go over the digital side of things, with one explaining why going digital is an option for games, along with how to use the Switch eShop. You can check out the first feature above and second one below.

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I assume they left out the number 1 reason of....profit?

I’m a purely digital guy except for BOTW because it was a bundle, but obviously Nintendo wants people to go digital because it means more money for them.

sorry nintendo, but im not going digital on the switch

Wed Jul 15 20 03:15pm
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Nope. Not going digital on any system unless it's the only option.

With updates, patches and DLC it already is the only option.

Ever delete the update data for a physical game and then try and play it....? Not so straight forward.

Have gone all digital on Switch and I have no regrets. Own almost 200 games spread between multiple microsd cards so I always have my total collection with me wherever I go.


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