Sakurai shares details on Min Min's addition to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and moving towards the end of DLC fighter development

Min Min has arrived!

Sakurai is back with his next Famitsu column, and this one goes over the addition of Min Min to Smash Bros. Ultimate. It also touches on the second wave of DLC fighters for Smash Bros. Ultimate wrapping up. Check out full details below, courtesy of translations from PushDusIn and Sephazon.

- In order to add content from upcoming games to Smash, Sakurai saw Nintendo titles that were still in development
- since it was so difficult to add a character, Sakurai decided to add Spring Man as an assist figure, and include ARMS spirits
- after it was decided to work on a second fighter’s pass, an ARMS character was settled on
- Sakurai considered making the character without any special moves at all, but then came up with something unique
- when Sakurai thinks about the project plan and then looks at the final result, he feels that Min Min truly stands out
- while he expected some difficulties to come up in development, there weren’t any major problems
- Sakurai wanted to make Min Min’s A button attack with the left arm and the B button attack with the right arm
- Sakurai thinks this shows the spirit of “ARMS'' where both arms have to be utilized simultaneously
- this creates the feeling of “ARMS,” but in the style of Super Smash Bros, as this is very important
- when working with other IPs, the new developer doesn’t necessarily have to follow the original games 100%
- the most important element is ensuring the characteristics and uniqueness of the original game shine in the new project
- there are only 5 more DLC fighters
- once they release, the continuous Smash development from Smash for 3DS/Wii U will finally come to an end
- the team is already underway developing the remaining characters, and will continue doing their best working from home
- Sakurai has ideas on how to improve the broadcast from home next time, but he's hoping the next broadcast can be recorded in a more traditional manner


Those first 3 points make me think this second fighters pass will be more 1st party focused than the last one which Im totally down for tbh. Makes me think Rex/Pyra/Mythra another character who didnt make it in the base roster due to bad timing is probably coming.

Wed Jul 15 20 09:28pm
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I would seriously prefer Waluigi added five separate times over Anime Protagabro #97 and his bipolar waifu on a dog leash. Hell, I'd take Bubsy before I take that; least with Bubsy there's SOME sense of self-awareness.

Thu Jul 16 20 08:12am
(Updated 1 time)

I'm still preparing myself for disappointment, but I'd at least hope round 2 would consist of actual nintendo characters and not more 3rd party shills.

I can see Miriam from Bloodstained making it in.

Good god no, after the dismal port job, a character from that is even less deserving of a spot than Joker was.

Every time there's an article about Smash people start talking about who 'deserves' to be in Smash and who not. And of course voice their opinion on which of the already included characters totally don't deserve to be there. It's honestly pretty tiring.


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