Nintendo files for 'Mario Sports' trademark in Europe and Australia

But WHAT sports?!

The Nintendo Direct rumors are flying fast and furious, but it's nice to have something that's actually 100% verifiable in all the craziness. That's exactly what we have with Nintendo's latest trademark.

We can see that Nintendo has applied for a trademark of the term 'Mario Sports' in both Europe and Australia. The trademark was filed May 14th, 2020, but the listing doesn't mention platforms or any details behind the name. I think it's obvious what kind of experience this will be, but hopefully we see it soon!

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New Mario Strikers please Ninty

New Mario Strikers please Ninty

I would love for them to make a new one. But if they are making one, it will either be a different developer or take a while (Luigi's Mansion 3 is not even out for one year).

Love Mario Strikers Charged. Best Mario sports title ever. My previous favorite was Mario Power Tennis.

Ooh boy can't wait for that port of Mario Sports Superstars on 3DS to Switch. One of the greatest games Nintendo has ever made!

Are you serious? I heard this title was kinda flop...
Please confirm if it’s not just a joke, I’d been opposed to try this game.

No I was both being sarcastic and facetious. Mario Sports Superstars on 3DS is incredibly mediocre and shallow game. Its probably the worst Mario Sports title. Also I was making a joke about it being a port since Nintendo has been relying heavily on them this gen.

Can't wait to see the leak larpers add this to their laundry list now all of a sudden.


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