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Japanese poll shows Pokemon Red/Green as the most popular Pokemon games in Japan

Can't beat the classics
by rawmeatcowboy
26 July 2020
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Pokemon fans in Japan were asked to vote on their favorite Pokemon game, and there's a very clear winner. The poll, hosted by goo, ran from June 7th to June 21st, 2020, and included the results of 1,388 respondents. You can check out the poll results below.

1. Pokemon Red/Green (159 votes)
2. Pokemon X/Y (102 votes)
3. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (101 votes)
4. Pokemon Gold/Silver (91 votes)
5. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (69 votes)
6. Pokemon Black/White (44 votes)
7. Detective Pikachu (43 votes)
8. Pokemon Platinum (36 votes)
9. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (32 votes)
10. Pokemon Yellow (31 votes)