Japanese poll shows Pokemon Red/Green as the most popular Pokemon games in Japan

Can't beat the classics

Pokemon fans in Japan were asked to vote on their favorite Pokemon game, and there's a very clear winner. The poll, hosted by goo, ran from June 7th to June 21st, 2020, and included the results of 1,388 respondents. You can check out the poll results below.

1. Pokemon Red/Green (159 votes)
2. Pokemon X/Y (102 votes)
3. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (101 votes)
4. Pokemon Gold/Silver (91 votes)
5. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (69 votes)
6. Pokemon Black/White (44 votes)
7. Detective Pikachu (43 votes)
8. Pokemon Platinum (36 votes)
9. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (32 votes)
10. Pokemon Yellow (31 votes)

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the utility man
Sun Jul 26 20 06:35pm
Rating: 1

Very interesting results and far different from how I would have ranked them, though I do still like Gen 1.

Same here. I enjoyed all gens, but 4 and 6 would go to the bottom of the list for sure.

Oh I'm with you on Gen 6. While I don't outright dislike any of the gens I've played (Haven't played 7 and 8 yet) gen 6 would be last place for me.

For me 7 was fun, but slow. Better than 6.
For 8 I tried something different and stayed away from analyses, leaks, major reveals, etc. And then I experienced the game knowing it was inspired by the UK, the 3 starters, Wooloo and the two legendary cover Pokémon. It was awesome to experience all the new stuff while playing instead of knowing it beforehand.So that's my new approach to future entries in the series Smile

Only surprise to me here is X/Y getting so many votes. The past 3 gens all kind of blur together for me, and they're too recent for anyone to really be nostalgic for them.

I'm surprised Detective Pikachu is the only spinoff in the top list 10 list.

Speaking of that, whatever happened to Detective Pikachu 2 for the Switch?

They announced it verrrrryyyy early on. Probably only in planning, so it won't come out for another year or two I'm guessing, especially if they have to (badly) dub it again. The OG Detective Pikachu was like this too, announced in 2013, with a tiny bit released in 2016 in Japan only... Then the full game came out in 2018.

So five years for that one.

Gold/Silver is personally my favourite Gen. It was such a leap forward from Gen 1, and I don’t feel like we’ve had such a large improvement since. And it basically also included the entire Gen 1 game.

Not surprised, horrible country full of filthy casual genwunners

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