RUMOR - Nintendo may have another presentation to share sometime between August 11th to 22nd, 2020

Time for the next wave of speculation

Here's what we know for a fact. Nintendo is going to host another Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. The Big N confirmed that info themselves, but didn't say when it would be. That's all we have for facts right now, but let's move on to the rumor.

Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat, the man who's been practically spot-on with his Nintendo Direct early info, is once again taking a stab at when Nintendo's next showcase will be. According to his most recent schedule shared on Twitter, Nintendo will have something to show between August 11th to 22nd, 2020.

Will this be the next Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase? Could it be something more substantial? Will it be an Indie World presentation? Nintendo does like to make their Indie World presentations in August, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's tied to that.

Now for my own random speculation, I'll take a guess that this mystery event will take place on August 19th, 2020. That's my birthday, and Nintendo loves to make extra work for me around then!

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Tue Aug 04 20 08:49am
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I know this is a rumour at the moment, but I think it's quite likely. I just hope everyone goes in with no expectations and an open mind, then you're bound to be happy with whatever we hear from Nintendo. Video games are meant to be fun, so keep it positive if you can.

If only the Internet understood the Utopia you speak.

I agree. The most in terms of expectations I ever go into a Direct is related to games that have been announced, but even then I know that for Zelda Nintendo always announces it too early, Metroid Prime 4 has been in development for one year and a half only, and that's about it from them.
I just want to see what they have in store for us Smile

I'd say go in with no expectations and you'll at the very least come out feeling indifferent, happy might be assuming a bit much.

Maaaybe this is going to set up some people for more disappointment... I have begun to have no expectation. That way I won't be disappointed!

Tue Aug 04 20 11:24am
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I don't think a Partner Direct Mini will do it for me. The longer Nintendo goes without giving me something to look forward to, the more convinced I am that an intern accidentally deleted everything they're working on.

If they drop it on your birthday, then we know that they actually just want to see you suffer.

They’re pissing the bed badly this year so I don’t expect much. Probably a partner showcase with Bayo 3/NMH/BD but little else. Not that those games are bad, but they’re already announced. We NEED to know the holiday games for petes sake

Yeah I lost all faith in Nintendo 1st party this year. I dont think Nintendo has much if anything for the rest of the year. Hopefully we get some nice big 3rd party port announcements soon..

Tue Aug 04 20 01:28pm
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It's unfortunate that so many users are justified in feeling wary of Nintendo's holiday plans. They may still a number of cool surprises, but to not have really given us anything about the holiday so far does nothing to ease Switch fans.

That said, like most people here, I do go in with zero expectations, but even then, you're still disappointed at times when the Direct is so light you wonder if it was worth even doing at all. Hopefully that won't be the case for RMC's special birthday/workday Direct.

Bakugan Direct confirmed.

Tue Aug 04 20 05:32pm
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I predict a ten-minute long section on Bravely Default 2, a Switch port of Assassin’s Creed Unity, a new announcement for a really generic-looking third-party JRPG, a new announcement for a really generic-looking third-party shooter, a bunch of rehashed info we already knew about an upcoming title, a new Beyblade game, and nothing else.

Oh and maybe a Smash Brothers tease about a Generation 8 Pokémon rep.

And Bunny Day 2 in Animal Crossing.

And the final announcement will be Sticker Star HD.

Keep your expectations low, people.

Let's be completely real here: Nintendo fans did not tune in to prior Nintendo Directs over the last decade to find out news about random 3rd party content. They tuned in to find out news about 1st party content. To say this has never been the case shows a complete lack of self-awareness regarding the Nintendo hardcore fandom as a whole. You'd just be showing off if you say otherwise. "Oh, but we DO care about 3rd party stuff! We are far more cultured than that!". Yeah, I've seen this same dog-and-pony-show take place on Nintendo Power and forums elsewhere, long before Directs were even a thing yet, and the returns have always been dismal.

So of course, dissecting the bits that no one really cared about and placing them in their own separate little contained segments is bound to invite scorn from them. Also, you should probably realize that Nintendo themselves are the ones that dug this hole for themselves by using hype marketing and propaganda for their 1st party offerings. Almost 10+ years of this has conditioned the fandom at large to expect "ONE MORE THING!". It is quite frankly amusing that we have to self-moderate ourselves for a condition that has largely been baked into our DNA for as long as time has drudged on.

Oh it's a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase? Here's hoping they show trailers for METROID PRIME 4 AND BREATH OF THE WILD 2.


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