Fallen City Brawl Kickstarter now live

Help bring this 2D beat'em-up to Switch!

Fallen City Brawl is a hard-hitting 2D pixel-art beat 'em up with a strong late 80's/early 90's retro arcade influence.

Huge pixel-art sprites and animated backgrounds across 8 stages of hand-to-hand brawling!

- Deep fighting system - combos, counters, parries, air-throws, grappling, special moves, RIOT ('Super') moves. Smash the enemies through destructible scenery and continue the fight with some ground n pound!

- Powerful soundtrack composed by Daniel Lindholm (Street Fighter V, Yakuza: Dead Souls)

- Four playable characters each with their own combos, special moves, RIOT moves and story told through animated cut-scenes!

- Large range of weapons to be picked up including bats, pipes, knives, oil drums, hand guns, assault rifle, shot-gun, crates, grenades, chains and chainsaws!

- Two-player local co-op! Brawl together, with special 'tag-team' moves.

- Special Forces back-up: upgrade-able, heavily armed mercenary attacks clear the screen of enemies with devastating force!
A ferocious wolf fights alongside you through some sections of the game - command him to loyally defend you, or unleash him, sit back and watch the carnage!

The Kickstarter is looking for just over $18k to bring this game to Switch. Check out the Kickstarter here (thanks Pajob!)

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