Amazon UK adds a placeholder page for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Switch (UPDATE)

Don't toy with me like this

UPDATE - This listing has been removed, but we don't know why. That leaves us still wondering if this info leaked early, or if it was a complete mistake.

Let's be clear right up front. Amazon listings are sometimes spot-on, and sometimes complete mistakes. They have indeed given us early confirmation of new projects, along with giving false hope for titles that never existed. Please keep that in mind while taking on today's news.

Amazon UK currently has a placeholder listing for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Switch. The listing is devoid of any other information, such as release date, imagery, and more. All we get is a £69.99 price tag.

Could Skyward Sword end up on the Switch at some point? It's certainly possible, but don't take this listing as proof positive. Switch's control scheme would certainly work well with Skyward Sword, and fan interest is there, but Nintendo hasn't shared even a tiny shred of confirmation on this topic so far.


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Sun Aug 16 20 01:24pm
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I actually REALLY liked Skyward Sword and thought some of the bosses and dungeons were some of the best in the series, it just had some really dumb backtracking and segmenting of areas. I'd be super excited to play it again if it comes to Switch

I mean...it could come out for the 35th anniversary next year but we're also still waiting for those rumoured Mario games to come out. I think Paper Mario was one of the rumoured games, so that was true.

I'm all for more games coming to the Switch, even if they're ports of classics.

Hopefully by late August or early to mid September we'll be getting a new Direct or something similar.
They may be waiting for the PS5 and the Series X to get their launch lineups and official prices (by mid-September we'll be two months away... it's about time)

And who knows, they could shadow drop Mario 64 and make people go wild and buy it like crazy.

On the Skyward Sword front, I've been meaning to replay it. If they don't confirm it for the Switch soon I'll dust off my Wii U for the job.

If this is true man the only 3 original games on Switch this year will be New Horizons, Origami King, and Clubhouse Games.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions - Port
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX - Remake
Xenoblade Chronicles - Remaster
Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Port

Now Skyward Sword, 3D World, and Mario 3D game remasters are all rumored for this year too. I get it we are in a pandemic but these games arent developed over night. Nintendo said games that were scheduled for 2020 are still on track to release so that means this year was always gonna be port/remake/remaster central.

I seriously hope 2021 is nothing but brand new Nintendo titles. We are running low on viable Wii U ports for Nintendo to milk.

Unfortunately, I believe the "on schedule" line was for fiscal year 2020, meaning through June 2021.

Fiscal year ends on March 31st, actually.

The fiscal year ends on March 31st ;)

Sun Aug 16 20 11:50am
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Then I stand corrected.

Well, Xenoblade was a remake. They remade all the assets for the game and added an epilogue.
Pikmin 3 is adding a bunch of cool stuff.
TMS had some additions as well

I'm not saying it's earth shattering, but when you just say port, it kinda indicates it's exactly the same game.

But my questions to you are... Is it hurting their hardware sales? Is it hurting their software sales? If they keep their momentum with these releases instead of going head-on against two brand new consoles and save the new amazing games to 2021 when that dust has settled, shouldn't they do that?

As a fan, I do want more information, more announcements, more games. But they are a business and right now they have, for the first time since 1989, only one system on the market and if they believe they should weather this holiday storm and come out swinging next year, so be it.

BTW, based on the Switch sales for the holiday quarter over the years and the launch of several successful systems to this day, there's a decent chance that even without a brand new game the Switch will still outsell the PS5 and the Series X

Im not saying it isn't a smart business move cause for sure it is. From a business standpoint its minimum work for maximum profit but from a consumer standpoint who has played most of these games before it would be nice for something new to play. Luckily 2021 could be amazing and up to par with 2017 if Prime 4, Bayo 3, BOTW2, and New Pokemon Snap release that year. Plus we know HAL is working on the next Kirby which Im sure will be ready by 2021. Thats 5 games to be excited and look forward too. Granted these are speculative release windows (though I have my doubts with Prime 4).

I'm glad we agree on the business perspective Smile

While I do want new stuff to play, this is doing wonders to my backlog.

For 2021 I can see us getting BotW2, New Pokémon Snap, Bayonetta 3, No More Heroes 3, a new Pokémon game if they make Let's Go Johto, and a couple more ports (hopefully Prime Trilogy is one of them). The Kirby game is likely as well, since it will have been 3 years since Star Allies and Kirby games are not that intensive anyway.
I wouldn't hold my breath for Prime 4 though. In January it will have been 2 years since they restarted the development and they are still hiring important people for the project.

Also the possibility they have another second party exclusive. Hopefully something more like Astral Chain than Deadly Premonition.

I think also feel empty since they haven't had another collaboration using their IP. It'll be great if they could leverage some of their series that haven't had a chance and are more risky, like Wario Land, Star Fox, or F-Zero. Also make another Mario Party, and perhaps even a new Mario Gold considering we already have Mario Tennis.

I think it's not just developing big games taking more time, but also their schedule needs some tweaking since in 2019 everything big came in the fall. And this year, probably because of the pandemic, they seem to have pushed back something.

The lack of franchise/IP variety on Switch is probably a bigger nitpick of mine then the constant ports/remasters. Seems like all Switch has is Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kirby, and Xenoblade. We recently just got Animal Crossing as well as new IP's like Splatoon, Ring Fit, and ARMS. All of which are great but compared to past consoles in the same timespan seems like the franchise variety aint there.

Not counting ports Switch could use new iterations of Donkey Kong, Metroid, Star Fox, Pikmin, F-Zero, Wario Land, Wario Ware, Rhythm Heaven, Excite, Punch-Out!!, Nintendogs, Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding, Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Chibi-Robo, Earthbound/Mother, Ouenden/EBA, Kid Icarus, Sin & Punishment, Pilotwings, Tomodachi Life. I know almost all of these besides maybe DK are financial risks. But given how every 1st party game on Switch sales like hotcakes and breaks records as well 3rd party and indie games selling extremely well on Switch. Im sure a lot of these franchises will perform greatly and better than ever before on Switch.

To be fair on the Gamecube and N64 the IPs still were aproximations of what they could do to reach the concept art and preproduction. Some enemies in 3D Mario were made around limitations.

Nowadays Nintendo has more of a visual identity and polish. Which may also be why it's harder to pin down IPs they haven't used as often. Should F-Zero be more stylized or more realistic or even toy like? Star Fox Zero showed they should have invested more in the graphics. The new limitation is reaching a level of polish to impress audiences and compete.

Bottom line, games take way more time to be made now than they've ever been, and that's 5x for big companies as I see it.

Sun Aug 16 20 12:58pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

If it’s just a port I’ll be bummed. If it’s a HD port, remember the Wii didn’t do HD, then that’ll be better. An option to not use motion would be ideal for everyone. I didn’t find the Wii Motion+ to work well, but maybe joy-cons would be better. They should also allow for handheld play which would mean no motion.

The art style was pretty nice, but the low res of the Wii didn’t do it justice. HD versions running on emulators looks so much better.

It’s the only Zelda game I never replayed.
Hell gimme Twilight Princess, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword HD collection for €100. That’d be a good deal.

The story in Skyward Sword was very underwhelming. The concept of the origin of the Master Sword sounds cool, but the fact they made the master sword Navi on steroids makes me hate its origins.
They shot themselves in the foot placing it as the first game in the timeline and it really didn’t deliver as being the origin of everything that came after.

Sun Aug 16 20 01:24pm
Rating: 4

I actually REALLY liked Skyward Sword and thought some of the bosses and dungeons were some of the best in the series, it just had some really dumb backtracking and segmenting of areas. I'd be super excited to play it again if it comes to Switch

Sun Aug 16 20 02:34pm
Rating: 1

My fave part of Skyward Sword is the soundtrack, hands down. In fact, it’s probably my favourite Zelda game soundtrack.

When I liked the game the most was the handful of moments when I felt it was imitating Resident Evil 4. I won’t give away spoilers but you may know what I mean.

Agreed on the music. Loved the mood of it in general too.

Sun Aug 16 20 03:03pm
(Updated 1 time)

I have mixed feelings about Skyward Sword. Overall I had fun but the game’s linearity took away a lot of what I love about Zelda. It almost felt like a Zelda game on rails. I detested the 3 fights against The Imprisoned. They were frustrating and stressful. I also hated the art style. It was a blurry pastel mess. I seriously thought something was wrong with my TV or Wii when I first fired it up. I checked my connections and then experienced that sinking feeling when I realized that it actually looks that terrible. What an ugly game!

I don’t think anything can be done to make the game less linear. But I think I would pick it up again if they fixed the graphics and made the Imprisoned a little less frustrating. I would never preorder it though. I'll let others be the canary in the coal mine.

I'll buy it if they redesign that Monsters Inc looking boss in the Sand Ship. Looked really out of place in that game

Sun Aug 16 20 04:13pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

You're right. It looked like a Muppet. Or like the lovechild of Mike Wazowsk and Celia from Monsters Inc. So much looked stupid in that game. The Bokoblins had the face of droopy dog, the Imprisoned with its big dumb toes. Even Link's face was..... bleh. Overall, Skyward Sword's designs were terrible. There's a few good things here and there but the bad really stand out. Not that every game gets it perfect. I don't know what they were thinking with those Moblins in Breath of the Wild. Those lanky ass things seem totally wrong.

Nintendo did trim some fat off the Wind Waker remake, I say they will cut one of the Imprisoned boss fights or at least make it interesting.

I suppose it’s possible. I know I’m not the only person who hates the Imprisoned. I was even annoyed when he showed up in Hyrule Warriors. I hate that boss so damn much.

I don’t think they’d have to do much to fix the art style to my liking. They don’t need to change the enemies, as much as I dislike them. What I really couldn’t stand was the so-called “painting” effect they used to blur the background. I don’t think it made the game look like a painting, it was just a blurry mess. Since Switch doesn’t have the same technical limitations they were failing to hide on Wii, I think they should get rid of it all together.

Adapting the controls is probably their bigger concern, so I don’t think the visuals will be their focus.

Its been a good minute, but last time I played this game was on the Dolphin emulator (I own the game please don't sue me Nintendo) at full HD and thought it looked pretty good. The back grounds looked had a canvas like texture, almost stained glass. It was like Mario Galaxy where the games deserved to be on a much more powerful console to show how good it was meant to look.

I think it’s entirely reasonable to expect overhauled graphics, based on Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD. Aside from being SD, I think those games looked fine at the time they came out. Skyward Sword was miserable, so it needs a lot more work. Now whether or not Nintendo agrees with my assessment.....

It's not a perfect Zelda game, it's very linear and you're constantly told where to go and then go there. But the dungeons are some of the best in any Zelda game and the story is also very good. I also liked the motion controlled swordfighting.

A quick fix would be fast travel or faster travel, considering how the game is design to follow a path instead of free form exploration.

Hm, I don't see how that would improve anything. The problem is that someone always tells you where you should be heading next, and if you could teleport there immediately you wouldn't even get to experience the travel there.

There are times were the moving from land-sky-land can be tedious.

if Nintendo indeed release a full HD remake of the game to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the franchise,it need to reduce it controversial elements like FI constantly stating the obvious after you solved a puzzle.

IMO any remaster of Skyward Sword will need some tamper with the code. There are many things they could do better. Like the game not stopping you on your tracks with each item. For some reason each time you play they put the fanfare for those.

I calculate a 70% chance Nintendo will do this.

Concidering TP HD apparently got some orbs removed, that definitly would help for skyward sword, was way to much orb collecting in that game, didnd mind it in original TP or WW(triforce hunt), but in skyward sword it kind of overstayed.


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