Investment platform pays $140k for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros.

A new new record

Just a few weeks back, we saw a mint, sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. go for $114k in auction, setting a new record. Turns out that record didn't last long, and wasn't actually a record at the time!

Just a couple weeks before that public auction, a private sale was held for another perfect copy of Super Mario Bros.. Investment platform Rally managed to snag a copy for themselves in a private sale, and they paid $140k for it. As you might expect, Rally is looking to turn a profit on the game, so they're planning to sell $150,000 worth of shares in the game (3,000 individual shares at $50 a pop) starting at 12pm EDT on Friday, August 21. The $10,000 difference will cover Rally's $6,775 "sourcing fee" as well as other miscellaneous costs.

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Owning 1/3000th of a game for $50...Ive never heard of something so ridiculous what is the point?!

the rich and their money , well at least meh


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