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More pics of Hot Wheels' upcoming Mario Kart toys revealed

Hot stuff coming through
by rawmeatcowboy
25 August 2020
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Back at the start of August, we learned about the next slate of Mario Kart toys from the Hot Wheels brands. Now we have some new pictures of those toys. You can check out the toys here, and read a recap of what's coming below.

- Cat Peach in a standard kart
- Diddy Kong with a pipe frame kart
- new line of karts paired with gliders and drivers
- this line includes Toad in the P-Wing kart with the plane glider and Yoshi in the sports coupe with the parafoil glider
- gliders are removable
- Yoshi egg "blind bags" with a random Yoshi with a standard kart
- the top of the egg comes off and you can have Yoshi displayed in the bottom of the egg
- eight Yoshis will be available