Super Mario 3D All-Stars supports Pro Controller, Super Mario Galaxy docked requires motion controls for pointer functionality, handheld uses touchscreen

Glad that's all cleared up

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding certain aspects of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Thankfully Nintendo has stepped in to clear things up.

First off, when it comes to Super Mario 3D All-Stars itself, Nintendo has confirmed that the game does support the Pro Controller. You can enjoy all three games in the collection with the Pro Controller, so no worries there.

Moving on to Super Mario Galaxy specifically, the official website for the game mentions that motion controls are optional. Nintendo has clarified a bit by saying that if you want to use the pointer functionality, you'll have to use motion controls. That's for docked use obviously. If you're playing in handheld mode, pointer functionality has been remapped to the touchscreen.


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Thu Sep 03 20 11:07pm
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Wait till we get the game. The controls will be fine.

So this pretty much confirms they could easily do Nintendo Switch Online Wii.

Not always. SMG had very basic motion and pointer controls to begin with so it’s easy to remap them.

Wii Sports for example would be kinda dumb in handheld if things were replaced with touchscreen inputs.

A good chunk of games would work, but not all.

Not really. Leaving out the technical issues that could arise, we still have at least two more:

1 - File sizes. Each new game added to NES and SNES is really small. The same would be true to all GameBoy, N64 and DS games. But starting on GameCube the file sizes got A LOT bigger. Thus making it impractical.

2 - A more importantly, by releasing them like this they can make a lot more money, which is their goal.

Bonus: Before the Wii they still have GB, GBC, GBA, N64, GC to cover... that would be at least 5 years away

Wonder how FLUDD will operate since the Gamecube allowed you to control the pressure with the “analog” shoulder buttons.

Btw - it’s a peeve of mine we use terms like “analog stick” or “analog shoulder buttons”. They’re not analog, they’re still digital inputs.

Well, I suppose part of the input is actually analogue components. Of course, they get translated to a digital signal immediately afterwards, but compared to a button press, it should be more analogue, right?

I'm curious about that too. But I've wanted to replay Sunshine for over 10 years, so even if it's not perfect, I'll still love it Smile

Fri Sep 04 20 03:55am
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That's semantics, really. If by "digital" you mean "time- and value-discreet", then sure, it's not analog because at some point the continuous travel of the button is being rastered.

But if you take the colloquial meaning of the word the nomenclature does make sense. Meaning it translates various button positions into corresponding values - analogous to your input.

Digital, to be precise, should rather be called binary - you only get two states, 0 and 1.

Touch screen for the pointer sounds really awkward...sometimes you have to jump and point to the little gravity stars or collect star bits while running around at the same time.

Pointer controls are optional (motion controls are optional) but if you want to use them (handheld) you have to use the screen. So yeah, you can play it without ever touching the screen.

Thu Sep 03 20 04:37pm
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I hope playing Super Mario Sunshine while docked with a Gamecube controller feels like playing the original version.

Thu Sep 03 20 05:24pm
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Galaxy will never feel as tight or fluid as it did on Wii, Switch should have had support for the wiimote from the get go with the dock containing a port for the sensor bar. Instead we get beautiful HD versions with inferior controls.

Thu Sep 03 20 11:07pm
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Wait till we get the game. The controls will be fine.

Fri Sep 04 20 03:54am
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Even if they are fine, they will still be an inferior experience. Okami's pointer controls work "Fine" in Okami HD, but lack the precision and finesse the Wii version had, you simply cannot draw as fast or precisely as you could with a Wiimote. Also Galaxy relied on the pointer being active at all times, how will gyro handle that? You'll have to hold another button to bring up a default centered cursor, it's going to feel sloppy by comparison.

Plus the joycons are smaller and much less comfortable overall.

You honestly think that Nintendo would be dumb to port a game that was clearly meant for the Wii? I mean sure, the pointer thing I get is part of the game but its not ALWAYS needed. And the Joycons work just fine and you have accessories to make them bigger so they can fit you.

We don't know how its going to be handled unless we get it. So just wait till its released.

Not saying they can't make it work, only that it'll never be as good or fluid. In fact I'm starting to think this is precisely why SMG2 isn't in the pack, because it has far more pointer use than the original and I simply cannot imagine something like the Grandmaster Galaxy being anything less than a messy headache without an always-active pointer.

Maybe Nintendo will somehow find a way to replicate the pointer, sure, but I'm pretty sure I know how they'll do it. I'll gladly eat crow if I'm wrong, but we'll see.

I agree some Wii game controls might never be as good on other systems but disagree Nintendo should have supported Wii Remotes on Switch. Especially have the Wii U it would have only been added confusion to see imagery and marketing showing Wii remotes alongside the Switch. Plus the joy-cons can do pointer if they wanted to. Just needs a sensor bar or two tea-light candles Smile

I don’t think the motion or pointer controls for Galaxy were that fluid. Waggle made Mario spin, and it was no better or worse than a button. Collecting star bits was kinda gimmicky and their main point was to pay wall access to levels.

The main control of Mario was, and will still be, done with the stick and buttons.

Yes the controls were that fluid, I played an exorbitant amount of SMG1 & 2 and I never once missed a spin, it was a responsive, tactile flick, not a ham fisted waggle. Also you don't remember all the pull star bits? Where you'd need to point to and grab stars to make you gravitate to them? Then using physics to move from one to another? Sometimes even making leaps and catching one mid jump... without an always active responsive pointer, these bits are just going to feel janky. Also there were those sling stars which showed up all over the place.

There would have been no harm in adding support for wiimotes and the sensor bar, why not do it like how the gamecube controllers got their own adapter? Just add software support for the wiimotes (they're bluetooth, it can be done), and sell a USB port adapter and we could have had uncompromized ports. Not to mention the control it would allow in shooters. I'm still dreading a Switch Metroid Prime Trilogy port because it's going to feel like backwards crap to go back to dual analogs.

Thu Sep 03 20 07:21pm
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Is the pointer really needed? I've never played the game so I don't know.

Fri Sep 04 20 02:02am
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Not really, no. Not from what I remember, anyway.

It was mostly used to point at star bits to collect them or for a second player using it to grab enemies or touch things for no reason.

I think there were a few instances where you pointed at things to use them but I have to imagine they changed how these work.

Fri Sep 04 20 03:49am
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Sling Stars and Pull Stars? Those needed pointer controls and would be awful without them.

Okay, that sounds good. Then there should be no problem for me playing with a pro controller then.


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