Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario 3D All-Stars doesn't support the GameCube controller

A sad note for purists

You can plug a GameCube controller into the Switch if you have the GameCube Controller Adapter, and numerous games can be played using it, albeit with limited functionality. Unfortunately for the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of Super Mario Sunshine, that's not going to be the case.

The official Japanese website for Super Mario 3D All-Stars clearly states that the GameCube controller is not supported in Super Mario Sunshine. While we're not 100% clear on whether that means zero support or very limited functionality, it seems you won't be able to play as you could on the GameCube with all the GameCube controller features.


I guess with no analog shoulder buttons the simple pleasures of squirting water out of FLUDD just a little bit will be no more

Man, that's kind of miserable. I know a LOT of people were wanting to play that way. I would understand if the hardware was hard to get together, but it really isn't thanks to Smash Bros. I can only hope that this is clarified in the future to include it.

Does the smash Gamecube controller even have those analog triggers like the original controller?

Yes, it works with the old Gamecube.

Don't think this is a problem as you can use that 8bitdo Bluetooth adapter and GameCube controller to play any switch game.

It won’t recognise the analogue triggers when using FLUDD though, I think that’s what people were hoping to be able to do.

Shame, yet another sign of this being a low effort job. It’s not like it can’t be done, didn’t GRID on Switch support GC controllers and make use of the triggers?

I don't think it means it won't recognise the GC triggers. It might function just like GRID, which works with the GC analogue trigger when plugged in. I guess we'll see when it comes out. I've got the 8bitdo Switch adapter so I'll let y'all know if it works.

It’ll recognise them and they’ll function as LR and ZR on a Pro controller so you’ll be able to play with it but it won’t recognise the pressure sensing if Nintendo haven’t worked that in. That’d only work with the official adapter if they did it too, I can’t see the 8bitdo one working with that since that just makes the GC pad emulate a Pro controller and doesn’t make specific use of the triggers.

This graphic saying GC controllers not compatible might also hint at how they’re going to handle the pressure sensing. If they use a click of the sticks for example to change pressure then the GC pad won’t be properly compatible.

Ok, i think it kinda makes sense that they would rework fludd with the Switch controllers, which will be the way most people will play it.

And also, using the gamecube adapter makes the Switch think of it as a pro controller. So it will work, but not with analogue fludd control.

Not a big deal really. The number who have Gamecube controllers and adapters for Switch is tiny in comparison to the overall install base.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch says Hello.

Considering the Switch controllers have one more shoulder button then the GameCube, they could use that to have smaller and larger jets of water

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My last comment has been deleted as it was dumb...


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