Sakurai details his experience with fitness games, his exercise routine, and staying healthy in general

Fitness tips from Sakurai!

Sakurai's column in this week's Famitsu is quite a bit different from others. This time around, Sakurai discusses the time he's spent with fitness video games, and how he works out while playing in general. Check out the full details below, with translations courtesy of PushDustIn and Sephazon.

- since working from home due the pandemic, Sakurai feels like he’s not moving enough
- Sakurai is unable to go to the gym because of the pandemic as well
- in Ring Fit Adventure, Samurai is disappointed that attacking is limited to fitness
- Sakurai thinks it would be fun if a beam came out when the player pushed in the Ring-Con
- Sakurai believes Fitness Boxing really makes players move
- Sakurai encourages people to try out Jump Rope Challenge, as it's free and will only be around for a little bit longer
- Sakurai is a fan of Beat Saber as well, and thinks the game makes you move around quite a lot, and has great music
- Sakurai thinks making exaggerated movements with your body makes for the best results
- Sakurai usually rides an exercise bike while playing video games
- he also lifts dumbbells of varying weight, and bought a weight training bench as well
- Sakurai does ‘radio exercises’ every morning where he doubles the speed of the program to increase his output
- Sakurai will also do push ups from time to time, but he feels the most effective routine is running up and down stairs
- Sakurai lives in an apartment with 600 stairs to the observation deck of Tokyo Tower
- Sakurai uses the stairs often, and hasn't used the elevator in quite some time
- Sakurai finds the rush of climbing to be exhausting, but it's a good feeling to know your body is in good shape
- Sakurai recommends “doing your best just to exercise.”
- Sakurai prefers difficult routines that he can do while multitasking, such as playing a game on an exercise bike
- Sakurai will also use his smartphone while climbing stairs
- these methods help him mix the toughness of exercising with something else to distract him


- in Ring Fit Adventure, Samurai is disappointed that attacking is limited to fitness

Never disappoint Samurai.

The man is a super human.
He mentioned a while ago that he watches tv while playing a game on a seperate tv. So is he watching tv, playing and game and excersising at the same time? Astounding.

I'm with you Sakurai, splatoon 2 on an exercise bike is the way to go.

- Sakurai will also use his smartphone while climbing stairs

Woah we don't want you tripping up my guy


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