My Nintendo's Super Mario pin set officially sold out

Hope you got yours!

Yesterday we put up a notice about the My Nintendo Super Mario pin set being available to those who participated in the required My Nintendo missions. Looks like plenty of you did that, as the pin set is now sold out. If you try to cash in and get your reward, the site now spits out a message saying the pin set is no longer available. We have no idea if another round of pins will be offered, but with everything else tied to the Super Mario 35th anniversary being a limited offer, we'd say the outlook isn't so good.

Thanks to Elfman13 for the heads up!

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I didn't see the notice put up the day before, but the fact that they only had enough supply for a mere day is ridiculous. I would have liked those pins. 😕

That's where you're wrong. They only had enough supply to last 30 minutes. They didn't really intend to give these out. It was a promotion that merely existed to increase sales.

I think I should open up a taco stand and promise that each and everyone who registers their receipt for a taco and completes 5 missions can get a free PlayStation 5 (while supplies last). Then I'll open up the registration during work/school hours and give away my one and only PlayStation 5 to the first person who claims a reward. Then I'll shrug and say, "But the fine print says while supplies last."

Barely lasted an hour or so. Pretty disappointed I didn't get a set...

I don’t believe they were up for even 1/2 hour.
I was trying to claim a code just 26 minutes after I saw notice on cheapassgamer and there were no codes available at that time.
Hoping there’s more coming down the pipeline.
There was *briefly* a placeholder on Nintendo’s site yesterday that said the pins would be live today 9/22 at 12p Pacific Time. I don’t have a screen shot to prove it, but I swear that the claim code button had that message for a brief time yesterday.

I didn't get them, but to be honest I didn't bither to try. I'm sure they wouldn't have been available in Mexico.

Never even saw the redeem code from the website there. Sad

I got lucky. They had the codes available much earlier than they stated (before 3 PM) and I was able to grab one, even as the site was going down constantly.

My copy of the game is not even in my country Sad
Yay for no official game support from Nintendo

It seems odd that they won't be shipping til October. Makes me think they haven't been created just yet and they could have used this to gauge how many they need to make.

I suspect these pins will be sold later. They're the first in a series of pin sets and nothing on the shop page says they're "exclusive".

Sold on eBay and Amazon by the handful of scalpers who were able to get one of the 20 pin sets available.

I paid to get my game on day one so i could register it on my switch to get the pins. The game still has not got here. So i did the one for the Mario Kart thing but that dose not get credit until the 29th. Guess no pins for me.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get it. I found out that it was open 1 hour after and it was already too late. Seems they maybe had like 100 available or something. I qualified for the code but never could get one...


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