High-res Waluigi art might point to the upside-side L on his hat being a sticker, instead of embroidered

L the imposter?!

Here's a bit of Waluigi lore that could have fans digging for more clues for years to come. It's certainly a point of discussion, that's for sure!

As you can see above, Nintendo released a rather high-quality piece of art for Waluigi a couple years back. If you take a very close look at that artwork, you can see that the upside-down L on Waluigi's hat actually appears to be a sticker. This is different from high-res versions of Mario, Luigi, and Wario. All three of them showcase embroidered letters on their hats when you zoom in. Why on earth would Waluigi have a sticker?!

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OH MY GOODNESS. The ramifications to this could be HUGE.

Personally I think it's a blemish from the rendering process.

That would actually be a hilarious twist to the lore.

Seriously Nintendo, give us a Waluigi spinoff. You did it for Wario so why not Waluigi?

Waluigi continues to be the worst.


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