Monster Hunter Rise amiibo designs revealed

Looking sharp!

We may have seen artwork for the Monster Hunter Rise characters that were getting amiibo, but that was just in-game art. Now we actually get to see what those amiibo look like. Fans can snatch up Palamute, Palico, and Magnamalo amiibo, but I'm sure most will opt for all three!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


These are such a downgrade from the previous Monster Hunter amiibo.

How do you figure? The art styles aren't exactly comparable, for one.

they were much more detailed. and the riders could come off and swap around.

The Stories amiibo had a rider but the actual detail of the retail amiibo themselves were quite low, definitely lower than these promo shots for Rise's.

If the Rise amiibo really end up looking like the released photos, I'll definitely get them.

I really wanted the stories amiibo until I saw the actual retail build.
Here's to hoping the same thing doesn't happen again.

If you prefer the stories amiibo, who knows, maybe we'll get new ones for stories 2 when it gets closer to release!

Thu Sep 24 20 11:30pm
Rating: 1

The riders being swappable isn't really indicative of the quality, and while its super cool, its not really comparable. I have them all, and the quality is no better than these. The art style and color pallet for what they were emulating lends itself far better to the Rider amiibo, but the detail are nowhere near these because of that.

Thu Sep 24 20 10:31pm
Rating: 2

that palamute is a good boy yes he is

I'm super happy with all three of these. I'm definitely glad I got preorders in for all three of them. Also the Palamute is so damn cute. <3 I can't even. <3

I don't buy amiibos but doggo amiibo is making a pretty strong case for making an exception.


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