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New NES game inspired by Smash Bros. allows for online play

The future is now
by rawmeatcowboy
25 September 2020
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We could all use a little more Smash Bros.-inspired action in our life, right? The latest contender for the throne is Super Tilt Bro., and it does something no other NES game has done. It actually allows for online play.

This Smash Bros.-like NES title is great for some local multiplayer, but you can have infinitely more fun when you hop online for a battle. Yes, this is a cartridge that works in your NES, and it allows for online play via a wifi chip in the cart itself. This kind of approach could open up a whole new world of online play for the NES!

If you want to try out the game right now, you can do so via your browser. If you're hoping to snag a cartridge for use on your own NES, you'll have to wait a bit. The cart in the video above is a working prototype, but the team is working to put together versions to sell. We'll certainly let you know when those become available.