New details on Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny's characters, Auto and Repeat modes, experimental changes, and much more

This game is definitely trying some new things

As we shared earlier, Nippon Ichi hosted a gameplay feature for Disgaea 6 at TGS, and it included a ton of commentary on the game from the dev team. You can find a summary of the new details below.

- the strongest god of destruction, which protagonist Zet is trying to defeat, was actually just defeated by someone else
- no one knows who did it or how
- the game starts with a tutorial battle for Zet and Cerberos
- Zet has a hidden level, and very high stats
- enemies are all level 999 at this point
- Zet has a skill titled Thunder Rush that can one-shot an enemy with 4 million damage
- Zet also has a 3×3 AoE called Plasma Drive
- Zet, is named after the letter “Z” for zombie, while his little sister Beeko is named after the “bie” in zombie
- Princess Melodia is one of the game’s heroines, and is very important to the story
- Piyori is also an heroine, and she first appeared in Disgaea 1
- she’s appearing as a main character for the first time in Disgaea 6
- she has a skill named Nijidynamite, which is a parody of Super Hero Time, inspired by Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and more
- Majolaine is a Magical Girl that might be hiding a secret
- Disgaea 6 is filled with otaku culture references
- using 3D character models in battle allowed the development team to make the special attacks and skills much flashier
- they can now show the characters much closer, use multiple camera effects, etc.
- Disgaea 6 will be for both players who just want to enjoy the story, and those who want to grind
- the game is built in a way to introduce newcomer players to the joys of grinding
- the game includes an Auto Mode
- Disgaea 6 main story is built so once you finish it, your characters’ levels will be in the thousands
- this is to show newcomer players that it’s not that hard to grind, and how interesting and fun it is to deal so much damage
- the idea to make griding easier came from Disgaea Refine on mobile, where it was received quite well
- the game also includes a Repeat Mode
- if you activate both Auto Mode and Repeat Mode, once the map is cleared, it will automatically restart the map for grinding
- this could easily break the game balance for the main story, so they’re considering restricting Auto Mode and Repeat Mode
- you can set the speed of Auto Mode in the options, and it goes up to 32 times the normal speed
- the team is considering letting players go up to 64 times the normal game speed
- there might also be AI customization for Auto Mode
- this would have possible features like “focus on weaker enemies” or “prioritize opening treasure chests”
- the devs know some like spending countless hours grinding, but they need to accommodate those who don't have time
- all of the new features are considered experimental, and player feedback on these changes will impact the next game


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