GameSpot Video - The Resident Evil 4 Deal That Betrayed Nintendo

Not only was Resident Evil 4 once a GameCube exclusive, it was also the final nail in the coffin for a legendary deal between Nintendo and Capcom.


I imagine it wouldn’t have gone that way had Gamecube done better. RE4 was a huge game for Capcom and Gamecube was..... small time.

And the most interesting thing is that this is just half of the story... CAPCOM also had another deal with Nintendo to make mainline RE exclusive to the GameCube from then on, with RE Remake and 0 being made because of that deal, 2, 3, and Code Veronica being ported over to the GCN and RE4 being the cherry on the top. In other words, the GCN was meant to be the Resident Evil machine of the 6th Gen, but CAPCOM had to ruin it. It obviously made sense from a financial perspective but it is still an infamous move that led to a lot of key personnel leaving the company (Mikami, Kamiya, Inaba, etc.).


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