Warborn updated to Version 1.0.7

War is...less Hellish now

Warborn has been updated to Version 1.0.7. Check out the full patch notes below.

Additions & Changes

Overhauled and improved AI.
Online multiplayer is not compatible with older versions due to balancing changes.
During unit selection it is now possible to preview ally and enemy movement by placing the cursor over a unit and holding the cancel button.
Slight increase to brightness of lighting in stormy weather.
UI bars (HP, CP etc.) are now sheared at an angle making small amounts much clearer on the bar.
“Intel” has been renamed as “Help” for clarity.
Slight adjustment to layout of button prompts.
Panels indicating status effect addition or removal have been adjusted for improved readability.
Difficulty Adjustments – Hard
Enemies that would previously have a ‘Sentry’ behaviour will now be aggressive immediately.
Enemies that would previously only react to the player at a certain distance will now be aggressive immediately.
Repair skills used by the player are 20% less effective.
Damage taken by player units is increased by 10%.
Difficulty Adjustments – Easy
Repair skills used by the player are 20% more effective.
Damage taken by player units is decreased by 20%.


2% base damage variation introduced.
Reduced CP gain when attacking an enemy.
Immobilised status effect base turn duration 1 => 2.
Jamming status effect base turn duration 1 => 2.
Weakened status effect base turn duration 1 => 2.
Aim Assist status effect critical chance increase 10% => 15%.
Corrected proximity mine damage to ignore defence rating and deal fixed damage.
Luella’s Sharpshooter trait has had the following changes: Critical hit rate for all allied attack skills with a max range of 5 or more is increased by 5%.
Vincent’s Blitz trait has had the following changes: If an allied unit moves 4 or more tiles and attacks in the same turn, their critical hit rating is raised by 5%.


Havok Rifle base damage 80 => 60.
Grenade Launcher base damage 275 => 280.
Energy defence rating 1 => 0.


Deployment cost 30SP => 40SP.
Novus Heavy Cannon damage type has been changed from Kinetic to Energy.
Novus Heavy Cannon base damage 200 => 150.
Disintegrate Armour base damage 400 => 250.
Explosive defence rating 2 => 0.


Scout Rifles base damage 75 => 50.
Saboteur Blades base damage 150 => 100.
Scan effect radius 1 => 2.
Movement 6 => 5.


High Velocity Sniper Rifle base damage 800 => 700.
Target Servos base damage 500 => 400.
Explosive defence rating 1 => 2.


Shock Magnum base damage 600 => 620.


Energy Saber base damage 800 => 700.
Energy Saber now ignores cover.
Piercing Strike base damage 500 => 600.
Kinetic defence rating 2 => 3.
Explosive defence rating 1 => 3.


Deployment cost 50SP => 60SP.
Excavator Rockets base damage 100 => 80.


Repair Tool base repair amount 500 => 350.
Kinetic defence rating 1 => 2.
Energy defence rating 2 => 3.


Deployment cost 100SP => 120SP.
Movement 2 => 3.


Precision Rail Rifle base damage 1000 => 800.
Precision Rail Rifle cooldown 0 => 1.


Judgement Cannon base damage 1000 => 800.
Judgement Cannon cooldown 0 => 1.
Mediator Missiles base damage 200 => 120.


Dread Saber base damage 1000 => 800.
Dread Saber now ignores cover.
Shockwave Slash base damage 800 => 700.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where sometimes if the last unit used by the AI had the immobilised status, the map input could stop working temporarily.
Fixed an issue where the tab selection on the commander info screen did not correctly reset when opening it.
Fixed an issue where sometimes the status change messages were positioned incorrectly.
Fixed an issue where sometimes the terrain graphic for a tile was not correctly displayed.
Fixed an issue with the damage calculation when Izol’s Phalanx commander power is in effect.
Fixed an issue on Luella mission 10 where certain unit death animations would not run correctly if animations were skipped.
Fixed an issue where it was unintentionally possible to move the camera during certain cutscenes.
Fixed minor redundant camera movement during unit death and status affliction sequences.
Fixed some overflow issues for localised text.

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